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What is Dual Generational Pathways (DGP)?

NOVA’s Dual Generational Pathways is a joint effort between the Adult Career Pathways and Pathway Connection programs under NOVA’s College and Career Pathway Initiatives.

Dual Generational Pathways is designed to create a college-going mindset within families, and at partner sites. DGP focuses on lower-income families, and engages two or more generations simultaneously through college awareness, readiness, and success activities. The initiative works with children as young as four years old to seniors preparing for a second career.

Dual Generational Pathways aims to break the generational cycle of poverty through educational pathways that lead to living-wage careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any charges for students, families, or partners to participate in Dual Generational Pathways activities or services? No.

Who can apply to the Adult Career Pathways program? The program is open to unemployed and underemployed adults in NOVA’s service area facing barriers to college access and success. See ACP FAQs here.

My child will be entering high school soon, what types of supports are available for them? Our Pathway Connection program serves select high schools in Fairfax and Arlington counties. View their website for further information.

My child is already in high school, is it too late for them to receive support? No, our Pathway to the Baccalaureate program provides support to students in various high schools throughout Northern Virginia. See their website for further details.

Can any early childhood development center or youth program request services at their site? We focus on centers and programs that serve children and youth from lower-income families.

Program Achievements

Learn more about Dual Generational Pathway goals and mission outcomes.