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The Dogwood Project is an interdisciplinary virtual educational environment of teaching and learning resources for the faculty, staff, students and community of Northern Virginia Community College.  The project supports the creation of content-rich academic websites by providing systematic instruction and formalized mentoring to participants on the development of effective online learning materials.
Initial support for this project came from a grant funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Dr. Belle Wheelan, President of the College, provided additional funding for the 1999-2000 academic year.  For 2000-2001, the Information Technology Committee of NVCC provided funding; and for the spring of 2002, the Budget Advisory Committee awarded incentive funds based on a proposal forwarded by Dr. Monica Sasscer, Associate Dean for Instructional Technology.  For spring 2003, spring 2004 and again for spring 2005, we have received funding from Dr. Carole Schultz, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Instructional Technology.  We again have some funding for spring 2006. Dogwood operates in cooperation with, and enjoys the support of, the Technical Application Center (TAC) of the College.  The current directors of Dogwood include:  Aggie Taormina, Diane Thompson, Jud Sage and Charlie Evans (kind of retired).  For further information about the schedule for this year, please see proposal and activities.
All materials on the Dogwood site are copyrighted by their creators and are subject to the copyright and fair use provisions of Northern Virginia Community College, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States.
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