AudioVisual Capabilities

Satellite Program:

The Manassas Campus receives satellite feeds from its Chaparral Receiver for viewing in Howsman Hall 216. In addition to the Chaparral Receiver, the campus also has a DSR-4200V Digital Receiver capable of receiving digital broadcasts from PBS.
Video Teleconferencing (Vtel):

VTel is the Video Teleconferencing System, which is located in MP 132 and MC 326. Vtel receives and sends real time audio and video feeds to designated locations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The system is used primarily for Compressed Video Classes and conference meetings. The VTel system includes a fax machine, an Elmo document imaging platform, two cameras, microphones, and two televisions.
Image Projection images:

Image Projection can be done from a computer,VHS tapes or DVD, and objects can be projected on a large screen through a Projection Unit. The units can be integrated with a laptop computer or a workstation for computer presentations, or with a VCR/DVD Player (AV Cart).
Photography Services:

Photography and video services are also available. Digital camera or a VHS video camera can be checked out. Photography services (digital, 35mm, or video) can be requested for special occasions and a staff member will take the photos if available. NOTE: Anyone taking photos/videos must obtain a release from the individuals in the photos. If the individual(s) are younger than 18 years old, a release must be obtained from the parents.