Oct/Nov 2014

October & November 2014

Updated -- 11 /4 / 14

From Weekend Escapes to Waddell Theater, Loudoun Community Offers Fun for Fall


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Chesapeake Beach, Md. is just one of the local esapes our reporters suggest

if fall term stress requires a break (photo by Liselle Tovar)


STERLING, Va.-- The temperature has been cooling down, but with midterms behind us and finals not-so-far away, mid-fall can be a whirlwind on campus and in our community.

Here at The Loudoun Lantern, your online student newspaper, we hope to help you make the most of it.

For instance, much of the reporting from some fall journalism students offers ideas for a great escape. Liselle takes you to Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, for a quiet getaway about an hour from home. Need to stick even closer? Try Mary's piece on the charm of the Del Ray neighborhood in Alexandria, or let April take you through the wonders of D.C.'s National Building museum.

Even if your workload means getting off campus is hard, Loudoun has something for you. Check out Gohar's piece on what's happening in our theater -- hurry to make your plans if you want to see favorite math professor, Dean Joe Agnich go all theatrical. Or, let Anne take you through the stylistic musings of our students.

And remember, we need you, too! The Lantern's content is completely student generated, and with so many of our writers moving on and moving up, we need new folks. Learn how you can come have fun while gaining marketable media skills!

National Building Museum Offers Glimpse into the Built Structure

The sheer enormity of the vast space demands many gazes in several directions to take in a sight that is supported by tall and stately roman columns that look as if they were dipped in a glaze of buttery pecan-colored ice cream drizzled with nutmeg swirls. One each side, arranged into two, parallel groups of four, each towering vertical column at the top forms an ornate arch, wedding one column to another in unified architectural bliss. These eight pillars of the building are the marvelous support for a ceiling so high and distant that it seems as if it could be part of the sky.

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Calm and Charming, Close-by Chesapeake Beach Worlds Away from No.Va. Bustle

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We turn right on Bayside Road Maryland state route 261, and continue to drive for a few more minutes. As our car makes its way down the two way street, we come across a hill with a quick drop. Then suddenly, there is the sight of the ocean meeting the horizon everywhere on all sides, the scents of the sea all around us and of course the feel of the bayside wind on our cheeks. We have arrived; welcome to Chesapeake Beach.

At just 45 minutes from Washington, DC, Chesapeake Beach, MD is considered by many to be a tucked away secret gem with much to offer. With about 6,500 year round residents, this small beach town’s three square miles line the Chesapeake Bay, making it quite an attraction.

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Fall Into Amazing Theater This Term at Loudoun

Perhaps it was the slow rush of adrenaline when the lights dimmed at the beginning of the show. The sound of music slowly fills the atmosphere, the audience all in a trance as they look at the stage in anticipation. Everyone immediately becomes lost in the emotion portrayed carefully by every character. The theatre becomes a colorful array of boundless joy or of a dark vengeance, of naïve hope or utter despair. The character that you begin to understand and root for in the play suddenly dies, the man falls in love with the wrong woman, the hero prevails, a heart is broken, innocent lives at stake. At every twist and at every turn in the plot you are a witness, watching as the story unfolds before your eyes. Then at the end of the play, the lights come back on and you find yourself sitting in your chair surrounded by a thunderous applause, forced back into reality.

This fall, immerse yourself into the stories created and acted by the very talented students and staff of NOVA Loudoun at Waddell Theatre. This semester has already had quite a few great pieces, and more are to come.

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From Streets to Star, Local Chef Brings the Heat

Steam rose from every pot and delicious aromas filled the air. After every opening and closing of the oven waves of slow roasting delights leaked into the room leaving everyone wishing for just one taste. Pots and pans rattled.

Onions. Garlic. Potatoes. Colorful bell peppers danced on the counter waiting to be added to the chef's next creation. It was almost game time.

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