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March 2015

Updated -- 3 /16 / 15

Chilly March Heats Up as Campus Passes Midterm Point


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Spring? Even if this is what much of March looked like, we're halfway to summer!


STERLING, Va.-- As we dodge snow days and icy pavement, it might be hard to realize summer is just around the corner. But as March roars on, we are .

Here at The Loudoun Lantern, your online student newspaper, we have a few ideas for how to plow through the second half.

For instance, if you are feeling uncertain about your spring term grades, Hidayah's piece offers three tips to start smart in the second half.Or, check out Celia's story on our campus's leader, Dr. Leidig, to pick up some leadership tips.

If the cool start to spring still has you hibernating, try Tyler's round-up of the best feature films of the year.

And if your wanderlust doesn't match your bank account, read this compilation from one ESL class to glean a glimpse of the many cultures and countries represented at the Loudoun Campus.

As always, we would love to hear more from you! The Lantern's content is completely student generated, and with so many of our writers moving on and moving up, we need new folks. Learn how you can come have fun while gaining marketable media skills!

Academy-Acclaimed and Awesome Alternatives for Film Fans

While the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards always showcases some great talent, The Lantern’s own film buff Tyler has his own takes. Although he agrees with Oscar picks sometimes, our roving reporter uncovered a few gems that may have slipped by unnoticed on the red carpet, but can still offer a great respite as we trod through the last dreary days.

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GLOBAL NOVA: ESL Students Take Us on a World Tour

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With so many of us rushing to class with our faces trained at our smartphones’ screens, it might be easy to miss one of the most interesting points about our campus: the incredible international community. However, if you keep your eyes and ears open when walking the hallways of Northern Virginia Community College’s Loudoun Campus, it is easy to see this campus offers exposure to a dazzling array of intercultural knowledge. From Arabic to Amharic, from Spanish to Vietnamese, snatches of different languages can be heard, and if you have wanderlust in your heat, you are never too far from a fellow student who can offer an insider viewpoint.

In one ESL 51 class, students interviewed each other to offer a brief glimpse at some of the international culture on our campus – and what surprises newcomers about America. Hopefully, a quick round-the-world tour might inspire you to strike up a conversation and use your downtime to travel the globe without leaving campus.


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Three Smart Starts for Semester's Second Half

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way – back to classes! After a fine week of Spring Break family, fun, good food, adventures, and relaxation, many might not feel truly be ready to re-start a new semester of classes and professors and homework. However, to have a successful and fun semester, we as students have to start right when we get back. For most classes, there is still plenty of time to excel, even if your pre-break performance was lackluster. By being keen to learn, taking notes, and keeping our heads above homework, we can conquer the semester

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Unmasking a Leader: A Conversation with Dr. Julie Leidig

What is a leader?

To try and answer this question, I met with Dr. Julie Leidig, Provost for the Loudoun and Reston branches of Northern Virginia Community College, who defines her profession as “look[ing] out for [the] best interest of Loudoun and Reston campuses, but also look[ing] for better ways to serve students and [the] community.”

When she was younger, Dr. Leidig said she was “sometimes frustrated by how others [in authority] led”--and she came to the conclusion that it was “better to be a leader than always being led”. Dr. Leidig excelled in public speaking (which she took as a subject in high school); an area of study which surely helped prepare her for the career she would ultimately choose.

While one might think that Dr. Leidig, with her natural flair for public speaking would be instinctively aware of her leadership potential; in reality, Dr. Leidig ultimately discovered her talents for leading others in a somewhat unlikely place: a martial arts class.

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