Dec 2014

December 2014

Updated -- 12 /16 / 14

From Metro Trains to Hard Hats, Loudoun Community Closes 2014 With Look to New Future


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As the old year closes, a new face rises at Loudoun campus


STERLING, Va.-- As 2014 draws to a close, lots of change is afoot on campus and in our community.

Here at The Loudoun Lantern, your online student newspaper, we have the scoop.

For instance, if the grumbling construction equipment sounded through your final exams, check out Marcus's story about just what's going on; 2015 will mean a new face for the Loudoun Campus.

Kokou's story about the Silver Line will also introduce you to a new part of our community that's making commutes zippier for many.

But with the holidays upon us, it's also time to reflect and relax. Tyler has a piece on what our campus community is celebrating this season. To keep you warm and smiling, Anne has some tips for frost-friendly fashion, and Hilary has a peek inside a local theater troupe.

And remember, the new year means resolutions. Why not make one to get involved! The Lantern's content is completely student generated, and with so many of our writers moving on and moving up, we need new folks. Learn how you can come have fun while gaining marketable media skills!

The Modern Classics: Three Staples for Savvy Students' Winter Style

It’s that time of year again. The semester is almost over, the chill in the air commands us to bring our coats and jackets out of hibernation, and the fallen leaves are signaling the imminent arrival of icy weather. With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of one’s wardrobe from the classic, carefree summer uniform of shorts and t-shirts to a more layered, warm ensemble. To many of us, as students, this time of year can be anxiety inducing; we don’t want to look outdated, but we also realize we have limited means to achieve the new look. Well, my friends, I have good news; busting out your best wintery looks doesn’t have to bust your budget. By investing in a few cold weather staples, you can look fashionable and fabulous on a student-sized budget.

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Loudoun Campus Reflects on Holiday Happiness

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After constantly knocking on our doors during October, we've finally welcomed the holiday season into our homes. Communities and businesses are already placing Santa and his reindeer on their front lawns and decorating hallways and doorways with garland. With the sound of Christmas music wafting through the air, students and professors are starting to get itchy feet. While kids are looking forward to seeing what Santa's bringing them in December, students are excited for the assignments they won't be getting during their break.

Alec Husemeier, a new student at NOVA this semester, is looking forward to a vacation from schoolwork. "I've worked hard all year, so it's really nice to finally be getting a break. Honestly, I'm pretty grateful that my hard work has paid off!" said Husemeier.

Another new student, Harrison Wray, shares the same feelings as Husemeier. After spending hours doing Rosetta Stone for his Spanish class and digging his nose in his math textbook, Wray is excited for a stress free break. "With work and school, it's been difficult to just sit back and relax," explained Wray. "I'm really looking forward to playing video games or just watching a soccer game."

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New Construction Means a New Face Coming to Loudoun Campus

When a student is deciding on what school to attend for the next four years of their young adult lives a lot of factors are in play. One of the most important factors is the campus, and indeed many students who move to campus to school talk about campus life and how amazing the campus is. However, going to a community college sometimes has a negative connotation. It offers a different feel. Most people don’t care about what the campus looks like because the main focus is finishing up the two years necessary to graduate and then move on to a four year university.

But what if there was some way campus life could be more enjoyable? What if the Loudoun campus at Northern Virginia Community College could have the look and feel of a four year university?

After speaking to Operations Director Sally Wrenn, it seems that this may soon be a possibility. Wrenn said her plans are to bring NOVA a real quad on campus.

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All Aboard: Metro's Silver Line Improving Lives from Largo to Reston

Since the inauguration of the Silver Line, Jon Armeh, a resident of Germantown, Maryland, has become an avid rider of Metro. He said and his wife love to go shopping at Tysons Corner and visit his sister in Herndon, Virginia. Armeh, whose travel time from his house to his sister’s is between 45 minutes to an hour, used to see his sister once in a while. But after July 26, 2014, Armeh said he has traveled many times to Northern Virginia to visit his sister and shop at Tyson’s Corner’s Mall.

“I like to go visit my sister, but because of the terrible traffic on I-495 and Route 66, I always delayed going to the area,” he said. “But now I can just hop on the Metro and simply enjoy the ride.”  

Armeh said he has traveled at least one other weekend to spend time with his sister and does not worry about traffic congestion anymore. 

“I hate driving and spending many hours in traffic is my worst nightmare,”  he said. “I have waited for this Line to open, but I was not able to attend the inaugural ceremony.”

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