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April 2013

Bad Rap Refuted, New Orleans Treats Newbie Like Family

Growing up on the coast of Mississippi, just miles outside of the infamous city of New Orleans, Louisiana, I always heard of the negatives that the city had to offer. I remember my eighteenth birthday, when I told my mother that my friends and I planned to rent a hotel room in New Orleans for the weekend. Her eyes got wide and she gasped in freight. She lectured me for an hour about the dangers of the city, and how the crime rate had risen since Hurricane Katrina.

Taking her advice, we decided a Florida trip would be much safer. Upon my return home to Mississippi for Spring Break this year, however, I decided that it was finally time to explore the city. My friends and I packed our bags, and set out for a weekend of fun

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Filling Gravity with Color: Student Paints His Way Through NOVA

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Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" ricochets out of an old black boom box, through the near vacant third floor room of the Waddell Building at Northern Virginia Community College's Loudoun Campus. While the five hour Painting class ended 30 minutes ago, Devon Raines continues to paint his latest piece, "Population," an ensnared montage of naked humans, hoarded together on canvas.

Before painting, it's not unusual for him to go through more than 30 sketches in a single sitting. A few feet away is his upbeat and cheerful classmate Cesar Liendo, a 4th semester graphic designs major, working on a different abstract assignment.

"He's a quiet, artist extraordinaire" says Liendo, in a vivacious tone. "He's always in the back, intensely working on something, and more times than not, he's covered in paint.

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NOVA Student Actor Has Faith He Will Stage His Future

Within the big, dark, echoing auditorium at Northern Virginia Community College's Loudoun Campus, various theatre classes can be found learning what many of the students call their "trade" and among these theatre students, Kofi Agyen, 19, is a young and aspiring theatre student who has dreams of pursuing theatre as a lifelong career. When Agyen steps onto the stage, he remembers his drive to be an actor.

"I like not being myself… it's always been cool to me to not be myself sometimes," he said.

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Grand Glam Georgetown Possible On a Petite Budget

Traveling to the metro from the Northern Virginia area can be really arduous-- especially if one has to commute there back and forth to work. Unlike people who reside in Arlington or Alexandria, I have to a bus in order to get to West Falls Church. Commuting is considered a necessary expense in this area. Whether you brave the dense traffic along I-66 or cuddle next to an oblivious stranger on the metro, it's an expense that most Northern Virginia residents have learned to bear and plan for.

My journey is not necessarily planned, nor is it a monotonous work commute. In fact, Washington D.C. is the only area that is still somewhat relatively new to me. I grew up in Northern Virginia and have driven by it many times, so I take for granted what tourists may consider an awesome place to see. I take for granted the historical monuments and museums as well as the many shopping excursions that exist here in the nation's capital.

One place in particular that I have driven past but have heard wonders about is Georgetown. I've it from a distance, while driving through the city but have never gotten the chance to really see what the fuss is about.

As I walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. disappears from view once I walk across the M Street Bridge. The concrete office buildings fade into brick red houses as the sidewalks turn into brick and cobblestone.

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