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VIEWPOINT: A Spectacle Like No Other: The Downfall of Rob Ford of Canada

When you follow the world of politics, you should expect to sometimes come across tales of seedy debauchery and hidden vices brought to light, after which the politician and his staff scramble like cockroaches exposed to a blinding flashlight. We’ve had politicians cheat on their wives with other women, cheating with other men, seeking sex in chatrooms, misappropriating funds, not paying campaign staff, and even lewd pictures.

However, I personally believe that the Rob Ford scandal is, far and away, the most awe-inspiring display of complete incompetence and lack of self-awareness that I have ever seen from a public official. What makes it even better is, when you look into his history, it’s almost par for the course for him. This man makes public meltdowns look like an art form.

First, some background: Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto, Canada and he was recently caught on video smoking crack cocaine from a crack pipe. This set off a hearing discussing the potential removal of certain powers from him. What really sets this apart from all of the other scandals similar to this is how he reacted in the media and in public. Using a particularly egregious example, he mimed drunk driving at a speaker who was stopped for drunk driving, as if Rob Ford had any reason to mock someone else’s indiscretions.

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VIEWPOINT: SGA Aims to Bring Students' Voices to Center

The Student Government Association is occasionally found on the back-burner of campus politics, located somewhere between "who" and "what." Unfortunately, the SGA (Student Government Association) is overlooked by some and underestimated by others -- but why?

Could it be the idea that students don't really know what they want, or maybe it could be the menacing fact that they actually have power to their voice? A

ll of these aspects may attribute, but do not define the reason. The major conflict lies in the unknown. So what is the SGA?

The SGA represents the rights, welfare, and interests of the campus student body to the campus administration. That's too formal, let's break it down.

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