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December 2014

New Construction Means a New Face Coming to Loudoun Campus

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When a student is deciding on what school to attend for the next four years of their young adult lives a lot of factors are in play. One of the most important factors is the campus, and indeed many students who move to campus to school talk about campus life and how amazing the campus is. However, going to a community college sometimes has a negative connotation. It offers a different feel. Most people don’t care about what the campus looks like because the main focus is finishing up the two years necessary to graduate and then move on to a four year university.

But what if there was some way campus life could be more enjoyable? What if the Loudoun campus at Northern Virginia Community College could have the look and feel of a four year university? After speaking to Operations Director Sally Wrenn, it seems that this may soon be a possibility. Wrenn said her plans are to bring NOVA a real quad on campus.

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Sticker Shock: High Textbooks Prices Prove Problem for Many

Robin Thompson, a returning student, is studying medical billing at Brookdale Community College in Middletown, New Jersey, to switch careers as she moves towards retirement for a job that will ultimately allow her to work from home and on the go. As a returning student she is shocked by the cost of required textbooks these days saying, “Some textbooks cost nearly as much as a credit hour.”

Textbook costs have forced Thompson to get creative as purchasing used copies often isn’t viable anymore with the steady edition churn forced by the publishing industry. She said she has tried renting textbooks and found the experience nearly as expensive and stressful as the agreements are often structured to require return of the materials weeks before the course end or the borrower will be forced to pay a steep additional fee. Thompson also expressed that eTextbooks are often nearly as expensive as hard copy texts, and publishers’ limit the student’s ability to print pages.

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Rising Costs Concern Students Seeking Degrees

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"I can't afford my college tuition," said Briana Warner, a freshman at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, "and there's a good chance I'm going to have to transfer next year, or even next semester."

Warner said she would have to start over once again, in a new environment with all new people and all new expenses. In-state tuition and community college tuition is less money than out-of-state tuition. "If I were to transfer, my tuition cost would go from around $6,000 a semester to $2,500," she said.

The price of a college education has steadily been rising over the past few decades, even just the past few years. According to a report by the Project on Student Debt, the average graduating senior left college with $29,400 in debt, a 25% increase from 2008's average. The steady rise in tuition costs have thrown college-bound students everywhere into a panic of second guessing: Can I afford it? Is it worth it? Should I choose a cheaper school or just take out loans? Why do I have to pay to learn? Do I really want to go to college and start my life in the red zone?

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All Aboard: Metro's Silver Line Improving Lives from Largo to Reston

Since the inauguration of the Silver Line, Jon Armeh, a resident of Germantown, Maryland, has become an avid rider of Metro. He said and his wife love to go shopping at Tysons Corner and visit his sister in Herndon, Virginia. Armeh, whose travel time from his house to his sister’s is between 45 minutes to an hour, used to see his sister once in a while. But after July 26, 2014, Armeh said he has traveled many times to Northern Virginia to visit his sister and shop at Tyson’s Corner’s Mall.

“I like to go visit my sister, but because of the terrible traffic on I-495 and Route 66, I always delayed going to the area,” he said. “But now I can just hop on the Metro and simply enjoy the ride.”  

Armeh said he has traveled at least one other weekend to spend time with his sister and does not worry about traffic congestion anymore.  .

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