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Back-to-School 2014

Veteran Students Share Strategies for Start-of-Semester Successes

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DJ Moreau, 20, is a successful transfer student from Northern Virginia Community College, or NOVA. As Moreau focused on his school career in order to transfer, he prepares for school with efficiency and in a timely manner. This preparation has led him to be successful through his time management and his use of organization. Through his commitment to these characteristics, Moreau was able to transfer to his choice school, Liberty University, after just two semesters at NOVA.

When asked to describe his preparation for school, Moreau said, “Well, I wait until I get most of my syllabi from my teachers… I have already gotten all of my syllabi for my classes a month and a half from now… and once I get them, or at least half of them, I will place my order online for the books and materials I need for those classes.”

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Nearby Boulder Crest Retreat Heals Heroes, One Family at a Time

BLUEMONT, VA. – Tucked quietly and discretely into the mountains of Bluemont, Virginia lies the Boulder Crest Retreat. Founded by Ken Falke, this facility, the first and only of its kind, caters to America's veterans as they attempt to cope with the visible and invisible injuries suffered while serving in combat. Since opening its doors in fall of 2013, the privately funded, non-profit rural 37 acre military and veteran wellness facility has welcomed more than 300 guests free of charge.

"Every guest that comes through the door has a story, some more traumatic than others, but all unique and touching," said Reservation Specialist Clair Sweeney

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E-cigarettes: the Way of the Future or Temporary Trend?

Assistant Dean for Business, Finance, and Marketing and an Associate Professor at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), Miguel Corrigan, who was awarded a Fulbright grant in April of 2013, now teaches abroad at Stolypin Volga Region Institute of Administration in Russia.

Founded in 1946 by James William Fulbright, one of the most prominent American statesmen of the 20th century, Fulbright Program is "an international scholarship with… a goal to increase mutual understanding and support peaceful and friendly ways between people of the United States and people of other countries."

"It is my lucky story," says Corrigan, whose scholarly adventure started with a single email from a fellow professor from NOVA who was encouraging scholars to apply for a Fulbright grant.

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E-cigarettes: the Way of the Future or Temporary Trend?


Rodolfo Reyes, a Northern Virginia Community College student, stood casually outside the doors of Fair Oaks Mall treating his new e-cigarette like an actual cigarette by smoking away from entering and exiting shoppers.

Reyes exhaled, emitting a faint menthol scent, "I was a cigarette smoker for 5 years. I switched over to e-cigarettes when I found out about them from my friends and [I] actually like them." He exhaled, and added, "I haven't tried smoking the e-cig in public like a restaurant, but I think it's great that it's an option."

The e-cigarette is the latest trend fighting to replace harmful cigarettes. The e-cigarette is an electric cigarette that releases vapor and a certain amount of nicotine when inhaled. However, the trend is not without its critics

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