Extended Learning Institute (ELI)

ELI's dual mission is to (1) support the professional development of faculty working to achieve NVCC's academic mission of providing excellence in teaching and learning, research, scholarship, and creative activity and (2) design, develop, and implement for distance learning excellent and innovative instructional and delivery systems including formats that combine distance education and classroom instruction, independent study, or individualized learning.

Call ELI when you:

  • Are thinking about creating a distance or virtual hybrid course and want to know more.
  • Are ready to design a distance, virtual hybrid, or campus-based distance course.
  • Want to develop and implement your ELI distance learning course.
  • Need student support for your ELI distance learning course.
  • Create an assessment plan for your ELI distance learning course.
  • Desire help in selecting innovative ways to use technology to incorporate into course design.
  • Are seeking workshops that focus on creating or revising distance courses
  • Are ready to incorporate video elements into your course.
  • Need instruction for eNOVA.

For assistance or questions concerning instructional design, contact your campus liaison, the ELI Hotline at (703) 323-3347, or email via the "contact us" form.

All consultations are voluntary and confidential.