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The Personnel Services Committee counsels and advises working groups and the College community. The committee makes recommendations concerning matters pertaining to the welfare of the faculty (both instructional and administrative) and classified staff of the College. The committee studies, gathers information, conducts discussions, and otherwise surveys the environment relating to this charge. In addition, the committee discharges other duties as delegated by the College.

The committee's recommendations are sent to the Campus Councils for approval. Recommendations that are approved with no more than one Council disagreeing are forwarded by the chair of the Personnel Services Committee to the chair of the College Senate for immediate and direct transmission to the president of the College.

At the discretion of the committee, recommendations that are not approved by the required number of Campus Councils may be forwarded to the College Senate for further consideration. When issues are time sensitive, the Personnel Services Committee may forward them directly to the College Senate or the Administrative Council.

The committee is also responsible for recommending candidates for the President's Sabbatical Award as well as candidates for the honor of Classified Emeritus to the president.

The Personnel Services Committee shall consist of the following participants:

  • Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Administrative Services, Ex-Officio and Executive Secretaries (CS)
  • Teaching and Professional Faculty (1 from the Extended Learning Institute, at least 1 from each campus, and at most 3 from any one campus) (10)
  • Classified Staff (1 from each campus, 1 from the College Human Resources Office and 1 additional from the college staff or from the Extended Learning Institute) (8)
  • Administrative Faculty (at most 1 from any one campus or the Extended Learning Institute) (1)

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