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Course Content Summaries - P

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.


Course Prefix Course Name
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy I
PHI 102 Introduction to Philosophy II
PHI 111 Logic I
PHI 112 Logic II
PHI 115 Practical Reasoning
PHI 211 The History of Western Philosophy I
PHI 212 The History of Western Philosophy II
PHI 220 Ethics
PHI 225 Selected Problems in Applied Ethics
PHI 226 Social Ethics
PHI 227 Biomedical Ethics
PHI 229 Advanced Biomedical Ethics
PHI 265 Philosophy of Religion


Course Prefix Course Name
PHT 100 Introduction to Photography
PHT 101 Photography I
PHT 102 Photography II
PHT 103 Black and White Darkroom Photography I
PHT 104 Black and White Darkroom Photography II
PHT 110 History of Photography
PHT 130 Video I
PHT 131 Video II
PHT 135 Electronic Darkroom
PHT 201 Advanced Photography I
PHT 202 Advanced Photography II
PHT 206 Large Format Photography
PHT 211 Color Photography I
PHT 221 Studio Lighting I
PHT 222 Studio Lighting II
PHT 227 Photographic Careers
PHT 231 Photojournalism I
PHT 232 Photojournalism II
PHT 235 Documentary Photography
PHT 246 Advanced Photographic Printing
PHT 247 Alternative Photographic Processing
PHT 256 Communicating Through the Photographic Sequence
PHT 264 Digital Photography
PHT 270 Digital Imaging I
PHT 271 Digital Imaging II
PHT 274 Digital Film Editing and Post Production

Physical Education and Recreation

Course Prefix Course Name
PED 100 Pilates
PED 103 Aerobic Fitness I
PED 105 Aerobic Dance I
PED 107 Exercise and Nutrition
PED 109 Yoga
PED 110 Zumba
PED 111 Weight Training I
PED 113 Lifetime Activities
PED 116 (1 cr.) Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
PED 116 (2 cr.) Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
PED 120 Yoga II
PED 121 Racquetball I
PED 123 Tennis I
PED 125 Badminton
PED 126 Archery
PED 127 Cycling
PED 129 Self-Defense
PED 131 Fencing I
PED 133 Golf I
PED 135 Bowling I
PED 137-138 Martial Arts I-II
PED 139 Ice Skating
PED 141 Swimming I
PED 142 Swimming II
PED 144 Skin and Scuba Diving
PED 150 Soccer
PED 154 Volleyball
PED 155 Wallyball
PED 160 Modern Dance
PED 161 Dance Production I
PED 163 Jazz I
PED 166 Ballet
PED 171 Ballroom Dance I
PED 174 Shooting and Firearm Safety
PED 181 Downhill Skiing I
PED 182 Downhill Skiing II
PED 183 Outdoor Adventures I
PED 220 Adult Health and Development
PED 245 Lifeguard Training

Physical Therapist Assistant

Course Prefix Course Name
PTH 105 Introduction to Physical Therapy
PTH 115 Kinesiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant
PTH 121 Therapeutic Procedures I
PTH 122 Therapeutic Procedures II
PTH 131 Clinical Education I
PTH 151 Musculoskeletal Structure and Function
PTH 210 Psychological Aspects of Therapy
PTH 225 Rehabilitation Procedures
PTH 227 Pathological Conditions
PTH 231 Clinical Education II
PTH 232 Clinical Education III
PTH 245 Professional Issues


Course Prefix Course Name
PHY 101-102 Introduction to Physics I-II
PHY 201-202 General College Physics I-II
PHY 130 Survey of Applied Physics
PHY 150 Elements of Astronomy
PHY 231 General University Physics I
PHY 232 General University Physics II
PHY 243 Modern Physics

Political Science

Course Prefix Course Name
PLS 120 Introduction to Political Science
PLS 135 American National Politics
PLS 136 State and Local Politics
PLS 140 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PLS 200 Political Ideologies
PLS 211 U.S. Government I
PLS 212 U.S. Government II
PLS 220 Political Parties and Elections in the United States
PLS 225 The United States Presidency
PLS 230 Congress of the United States Government
PLS 241 International Relations I
PLS 242 International Relations II
PLS 250 Introduction to Conflict Resolution
PLS 255 Introduction to Peace and Stability Operations


Course Prefix Course Name
POR 103 Basic Spoken Portuguese I
POR 104 Basic Spoken Portuguese II


Course Prefix Course Name
PSY 100 Principles of Applied Psychology
PSY 120 Human Relations
PSY 125 Interpersonal Relationships
PSY 126 Psychology for Business and Industry
PSY 166 Psychology of Marriage
PSY 200 Principles of Psychology
PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology I
PSY 202 Introduction to Psychology II
PSY 205 Personal Conflict and Crisis Management
PSY 211 Research Methodology for Behavioral Sciences
PSY 213 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
PSY 215 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 216 Social Psychology
PSY 219 Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSY 225 Theories of Personality
PSY 230 Developmental Psychology
PSY 231 Life Span Human Development I
PSY 232 Life Span Human Development II
PSY 235 Child Psychology
PSY 236 Adolescent Psychology
PSY 237 Adult Psychology
PSY 240 Health Psychology
PSY 245 Educational Psychology
PSY 250 Law Enforcement Psychology
PSY 255 Psychological Aspects of Criminal Behavior
PSY 260 Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse
PSY 265 Psychology of Men and Women
PSY 270 Psychology of Human Sexuality

Public Service

Course Prefix Course Name
PBS 100 Introduction to Public Administration
PBS 105 Personnel Management in the Public Sector
PBS 116 Public Budgeting and Finance
PBS 240 Constitutional Law
PBS 255 Management of the Modern City

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