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Course Content Summaries - I

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.

Information Technology Database and Design

Course Prefix Course Name
ITD 110 Web Page Design I
ITD 112 Designing Web Page Graphics
ITD 130 Database Fundamentals Data Modeling and Design
ITD 132 Structured Query Language
ITD 134 PL/SQL Programming
ITD 150 Oracle Reports
ITD 210 Web Page Design II
ITD 212 Interactive Web Design
ITD 220 E-Commerce Administration
ITD 250 Database Architecture and Administration
ITD 252 Database Backup and Recovery
ITD 256 Advanced Database Management
ITD 258 Database Performance and Tuning
ITD 260 Data Modeling and Design

Information Technology Essentials

Course Prefix Course Name
ITE 100 Introduction to Information Systems
ITE 102 Computer and Information Systems
ITE 105 Careers and Cyber Ethics
ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts
ITE 126 Operating System Fundamentals
ITE 130 Introduction to Internet Services
ITE 131 Survey of Internet Services
ITE 140 Spreadsheet Software I
ITE 150 Desktop Database Software
ITE 170 Multimedia Software
ITE 180 Help Desk Support Skills
ITE 181 Technical Training Principles
ITE 182 User Support/Help Desk Principles
ITE 221 PC Hardware and O/S Architecture

Information Technology Networking

Course Prefix Course Name
ITN 100 Introduction to Telecommunications
ITN 101 Introduction to Network Concepts
ITN 106 Microcomputer Operating Systems
ITN 107 Personal Computer Hardware Troubleshooting
ITN 114 Windows XP Professional
ITN 115 Windows 2003 Server (SER)
ITN 116 Windows 2003 Network Infrastructure Implementation, Management, & Maintenance (NI-IMM)
ITN 117 Windows 2003 Network Infrastructure Planning & Maintenance (NI-PIM)
ITN 118 Windows 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure Planning
ITN 120 Wireless - Network Administration (W-NA)
ITN 125 Wireless - Mobile Networking (W-MN)
ITN 126 Wireless - Network Operating System (W-NOS)
ITN 154 Networking Fundamentals: CISCO
ITN 155 Introductory Routing: CISCO
ITN 156 Basic Switching and Routing - CISCO
ITN 157 WAN Technologies - CISCO
ITN 170 Linux System Administration
ITN 200 Administration of Network Resources
ITN 205 Protocols and Communications I
ITN 208 Protocols and Communications TCP/IP
ITN 209 VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
ITN 220 Wireless - Network Security (W-NS)
ITN 222 Wireless-Network Interoperability (W-NI)
ITN 241 Windows 2003 Security Design
ITN 243 Windows 2003 Security Implementation and Administration (S-IA)
ITN 245 Network Troubleshooting
ITN 250 Advanced Routing - Cisco
ITN 251 Remote Access - Cisco
ITN 252 Advanced Switching - Cisco
ITN 253 Network Troubleshooting - Cisco
ITN 260 Network Security Basics
ITN 261 Network Attacks, Computer Crime and Hacking
ITN 262 Network Communication, Security and Authentication
ITN 263 Internet/Intranet Firewalls and E-Commerce Security
ITN 266 Network Security Layers
ITN 267 Cyberlaw
ITN 270 Advanced Linux Network Administration
ITN 276 Computer Forensics I
ITN 277 Computer Forensics II
ITN 283 Wireless-Network Field Site Survey (W-NFSS)
ITN 293 Studies in Wireless Network Administration

Information Technology Programming

Course Prefix Course Name
ITP 100 Software Design
ITP 112 Visual I
ITP 120 Java Programming I
ITP 130 C Programming I
ITP 132 C++ Programming I
ITP 134 Visual C++ Programming
ITP 136 C# Programming I
ITP 137 Programming IOS Devices
ITP 140 Client Side Scripting
ITP 165 Gaming and Simulation
ITP 170 Project Management
ITP 212 Visual II
ITP 220 Java Programming II
ITP 225 Web Scripting Languages
ITP 230 C Programming II
ITP 232 C++ Programming II
ITP 236 C# Programming II
ITP 240 Server Side Programming (IST 228)
ITP 244 - Server Side Programming
ITP 246 JAVA: Server-Side Programming
ITP 248 E-Commerce Integration and Applications
ITP 251 Systems Analysis and Design
ITP 260 Applications of Modeling and Simulation
ITP 265 Concepts of Simulation

Interior Design

Course Prefix Course Name
IDS 100 Theory and Techniques of Interior Design
IDS 105 Architectural Drafting for Interior Design
IDS 106 Three-Dimensional Drawing and Rendering
IDS 109 Styles of Furniture and Interiors
IDS 205 Materials and Sources
IDS 206 Lighting and Furnishings
IDS 215 Theory and Research in Commercial Design
IDS 221 Designing Commercial Interiors I
IDS 225 Business Procedures
IDS 235 Antiques
IDS 245 Computer Aided Drafting for Interior Designers
IDS 246 Advanced CADD for Interior Designers
IDS 250 Green Design for Interior Designers

Interpreter Education

Course Prefix Course Name
INT 105; INT 106 Interpreting Foundations I;  Interpreting Foundations II (formerly SCM 198-SCM 171)
INT 107 Translation Skills (formerly SCM 240)
INT 130 Interpreting:  An Introduction to the Profession (formerly SCM 230) 
INT 133 ASL-to-English Interpretation I (formerly SCM 231)
INT 134 English-to-ASL Interpretation I (formerly SCM 211)
INT 141 Transliterating I  (formerly SCM 241)
INT 142 ASL Discourse Analysis
INT 233 ASL-to-English Interpretation II (formerly SCM 232)
INT 234 English-to-ASL Interpretation II (formerly SCM 212) 
INT 235 Interpreting in the Educational Setting (formerly SCM 235)
INT 236 Interpreting in Special Situations
INT 237 Interpreting ASL in Safe Settings
INT 250 Dialogic Interpretation I (formerly SCM 215)


Course Prefix Course Name
ITA 101 Beginning Italian I
ITA 102 Beginning Italian II
ITA 103 Basic Spoken Italian I
ITA 104 Basic Spoken Italian II
ITA 111 Conversation in Italian I
ITA 112 Conversation in Italian II
ITA 201 Intermediate Italian I
ITA 202 Intermediate Italian II

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