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Course Content Summaries - E

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.


Course Prefix Course Name
ECO 110 Consumer Economics
ECO 115 Understanding Our Environment: An Economic Introduction
ECO 120 Survey of Economics
ECO 201 Principles of Economics I:  Macroeconomics 
ECO 202 Principles of Economics II: Microeconomics
ECO 210 International Economics 
ECO 230 Survey of Money and Banking
ECO 245 Contemporary Economic Issues


Course Prefix Course Name
EDU 114 Driver Task Analysis
EDU 200 Introduction to Teaching as a Profession 
EDU 214 Instructional Principles of Driver Education
EDU 225 Audiovisual Materials and Computer Software
EDU 235 Health, Safety, and Nutrition Education
EDU 254 Teaching Basic Academic Skills to Exceptional Children
EDU 270 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
EDU 280 Technology Standards for Teachers
EDU 285 Teaching Online Program (TOP)
EDU 287 Instructional Design for Online Learning

Electrical Technology

Course Prefix Course Name
ELE 115 Basic Electricity
ELE 127 Residential Wiring Methods

Electronic Servicing

Course Prefix Course Name
ESR 180 Personal Computer Networking

Emergency Medical Services

Course Prefix Course Name
EMS 100 CPR for Healthcare Providers
EMS 111 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic
EMS 112 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic I
EMS 115 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Refresher
EMS 120 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Clinical
EMS 151 Introduction to Advanced Life Support
EMS 153 Basic ECG Recognition
EMS 155 ALS Medical Care
EMS 157 ALS Trauma Care
EMS 159 ALS Special Populations
EMS 161 Basic Trauma Life Support
EMS 162 Pediatric Basic Trauma Life Support
EMS 165 Advanced Cardiac Life Support
EMS 169 Pediatric Advanced Life Support
EMS 170 ALS Internship I
EMS 172 ALS Clinical Internship II
EMS 173 ALS Field Internship II
EMS 201 EMS Professional Development
EMS 205 Advanced Pathophysiology
EMS 207 Advanced Patient Assessment
EMS 209 Advanced Pharmacology
EMS 211 Operations
EMS 213 ALS Skills Development
EMS 215 Registry Review
EMS 216 Paramedic Review
EMS 242 ALS Clinical Internship III
EMS 243 ALS Field Internship III
EMS 244 ALS Clinical Internship IV
EMS 245 ALS Field Internship IV


Course Prefix Course Name
EGR 115 Engineering Graphics
EGR 120 Introduction to Engineering
EGR 126 Computer Programming for Engineers
EGR 130 Statics and Strength of Materials for Engineering Technology
EGR 206 Engineering Economy
EGR 240 Solid Mechanics (Statics)
EGR 245 Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics
EGR 246 Mechanics of Materials
EGR 251-252 Basic Electric Circuits I-II
EGR 255 Electric Circuits Laboratory
EGR 265 Digital Electronics and Logic Design
EGR 266 Linear Electronics

English Fundamentals

ENF 1, 2 and 3 will replace ENG 1–9 effective Spring 2013  

Course Prefix Course Name
ENF 1 Preparing for College English I
ENF 2 Preparing for College English II
ENF 3 Preparing for College English III


Course Prefix Course Name
ENG 1 Preparing for College Writing I (no longer offered)
ENG 2 Spelling and Vocabulary Study (no longer offered)
ENG 3 Preparing for College Writing II (no longer offered)
ENG 4 Preparing for College Reading I (no longer offered)
ENG 5 Preparing for College Reading II (no longer offered)
ENG 7 Writing and Reading Improvement I (no longer offered)
ENG 8 Writing and Reading Improment II (no longer offered)
ENG 9 Individualized Instruction in Writing (no longer offered)
ENG 100 Basic Occupational Communication
ENG 108 Critical Reading and Study Skills
ENG 111 College Composition I
ENG 112 College Composition II
ENG 114 Scientific Writing
ENG 115 Technical Writing
ENG 116 Writing for Business
ENG 121 Introduction to Journalism I
ENG 122 Introduction to Journalism II
ENG 123 Writing for the World Wide Web
ENG 125 Introduction to Literature
ENG 131 Technical Report Writing I
ENG 135 Applied Grammar
ENG 139 College Grammar
ENG 200 Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 205 Technical Editing
ENG 210 Advanced Composition
ENG 211 Creative Writing I
ENG 212 Creative Writing II
ENG 215 Creative Writing: Fiction I
ENG 216 Creative Writing: Fiction II
ENG 217 Creative Writing: Poetry I
ENG 218 Creative Writing: Poetry II
ENG 219 Creative Writing: Drama
ENG 221 Advanced Journalism I
ENG 222 Advanced Journalism II
ENG 230 Mystery in Literature and Film
ENG 236 Introduction to Short Story
ENG 237 Introduction to Poetry
ENG 241 Survey of American Literature I
ENG 242 Survey of American Literature II
ENG 243-244 Survey of English Literature I-II
ENG 245 Major English Writers
ENG 246 Major American Writers
ENG 247 Survey of Popular Culture
ENG 249 Survey of Asian American Literature
ENG 250 Children's Literature
ENG 251 Survey of World Literature I
ENG 252 Survey of World Literature II
ENG 253 Survey of African American Literature I
ENG 254 Survey of African American Literature II
ENG 255 Major Writers in World Literature
ENG 256 Literature of Science Fiction
ENG 257 Mythology
ENG 258 Jane Austen: Selected Works
ENG 261 Advanced Creative Writing I
ENG 262 Advanced Creative Writing II
ENG 267 Modern Novel
ENG 270 Non-Western Literature in Global Context
ENG 271 The Works of Shakespeare I
ENG 272 The Works of Shakespeare II
ENG 273-274 Women in Literature I-II
ENG 276 Southern Literature
ENG 279 Film and Literature
ENG 280 Writing User Manuals

English as a Second Language

A comprehensive English Proficiency Test (EPT) is required for all English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.
Course Prefix Course Name
ESL 20 English as a Second Language II
ESL 21 Written Communication II
ESL 22 Reading and Vocabulary II
ESL 24 Oral and Written Communications I
ESL 31 Composition I
ESL 32 Reading I
ESL 33 Oral Communications I
ESL 35 Applied Grammar 3
ESL 41 Composition II
ESL 42 Reading II
ESL 45 Applied Grammar 4
ESL 48 Writing Workshop
ESL 51 Composition III
ESL 52 Reading III
ESL 58 Writing Workshop II
ESL 72 Spelling and Vocabulary
ESL 73 Accent Reduction

Environmental Science

Course Prefix Course Name
ENV 121 General Environmental Science I
ENV 122 General Environmental Science II
ENV 124 Cross-Disciplinary Exploration in Science and Society
ENV 136 Survey of Environmental Concerns
ENV 161 Introduction to Environmental Compliance
ENV 227 Environmental Law
ENV 230 Applications in Environmental Science

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