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Course Content Summaries - B

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.

Basic Skills

Course Prefix Course Name
BSK 1 Whole Numbers


Course Prefix Course Name
BIO 101 General Biology I
BIO 102 General Biology II
BIO 107 Biology of the Environment
BIO 110 General Botany
BIO 120 General Zoology
BIO 141 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 142 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 146 Human Heredity
BIO 147 Basic Laboratory Calculations for Biotechnology
BIO 150 Introductory Microbiology
BIO 165 Principles in Regulatory and Quality Environments for Biotechnology
BIO 173 Biology for Biotechnology
BIO 180 Introduction to Careers in Biotechnology
BIO 205 General Microbiology
BIO 206 Cell Biology
BIO 226 Vertebrate Zoology
BIO 231 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 232 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 250 Biotechnology Research Methods and Skills
BIO 251 Protein Applications in Biotechnology
BIO 252 Nucleic Acid Methods
BIO 253 Biotechnology Concepts
BIO 254 Capstone Seminar in Biotechnology
BIO 255 Bioinformatics and Computer Applications in Biotechnology
BIO 256 General Genetics
BIO 270 General Ecology
BIO 275 Marine Ecology


Course Prefix Course Name
BLD 20 Introduction to Plumbing
BLD 101 Construction Management I
BLD 102 Construction Management II
BLD 110 Introduction to Construction
BLD 131 Carpentry Framing I
BLD 132 Carpentry Framing II
BLD 133 Carpentry Framing III
BLD 134 Carpentry Framing IV
BLD 149 Carpentry I
BLD 165 Construction Field Operations
BLD 200 Sustainable Construction
BLD 215 OSHA 30 Construction Safety
BLD 231 Construction Estimating I
BLD 232 Construction Estimating II
BLD 241 Construction Management III
BLD 242 Construction Management IV
BLD 247 Construction Planning and Scheduling
BLD 249 Carpentry II

Business Management & Administration

Course Prefix Course Name
BUS 100 Introduction to Business
BUS 111 Principles of Supervision I
BUS 116 Entrepreneurship
BUS 117 Leadership Development
BUS 121 Business Mathematics
BUS 125 Applied Business Mathematics
BUS 165 Small Business Management
BUS 195 Business in Film and Entertainment
BUS 200 Principles of Management
BUS 201 Organizational Behavior
BUS 202 Applied Management Principles
BUS 204 Project Management
BUS 205 Human Resource Management
BUS 208 Quality and Productivity Management
BUS 212 Disaster Recovery Planning for Managers
BUS 220 Introduction to Business Statistics
BUS 221 Business Statistics I
BUS 222 Business Statistics II
BUS 224 Statistical Analysis for Business
BUS 226 Computer Business Applications
BUS 241 Business Law I
BUS 242 Business Law II
BUS 260 Planning for Small Business
BUS 265 Ethical Issues in Management
BUS 280 Introduction to International Business

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