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Course Content Summaries - A

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.


Prefix Course Name
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 212 Principles of Accounting II
ACC 215 Computerized Accounting
ACC 219 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
ACC 220 Accounting for Small Business
ACC 221 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 222 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 230 Advanced Accounting
ACC 231 Cost Accounting I
ACC 232 Cost Accounting II
ACC 240 Fraud Examination
ACC 241 Auditing I
ACC 261 Principles of Federal Taxation I
ACC 262 Principles of Federal Taxation II

Administration of Justice

Prefix Course Name
ADJ 100 Survey of Criminal Justice 
ADJ 105 The Juvenile Justice System
ADJ 107 Survey of Criminology
ADJ 110 Introduction to Law Enforcement
ADJ 111-112 Law Enforcement Organization and Administration I-II
ADJ 116 Special Enforcement Topics
ADJ 120 Introduction to Courts
ADJ 127 Firearms and Marksmanship
ADJ 133 Ethics and the Criminal Justice Professional
ADJ 134 Collection and Preservation of Physical Evidence 
ADJ 139 Private Investigators
ADJ 140 Introduction to Corrections
ADJ 150 Introduction to Security Administration
ADJ 154 Intelligence and Technology Analysis
ADJ 157 Computer Security
ADJ 159 Physical Security
ADJ 160 Police Response to Critical Incidents
ADJ 163 Crime Analysis and Intelligence
ADJ 164 Case Studies in Murder/Violent Crime
ADJ 165 Crime Scene Photography
ADJ 169 Transportation and Border Security
ADJ 171 Forensic Science I
ADJ 172 Forensic Science II
ADJ 173-174 Forensic Photography I-II
ADJ 175 Forensic Instrumental Analysis
ADJ 186 Forensic Psychology
ADJ 211 Criminal Law, Evidence, and Procedures I
ADJ 212 Criminal Law, Evidence, and Procedures II
ADJ 215 Report Writing
ADJ 216 Organized Crime and Corruption
ADJ 226 Questioned Documents Examination
ADJ 228 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
ADJ 229 Law Enforcement and the Community
ADJ 232 Domestic Violence
ADJ 233 Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism
ADJ 234 Terrorism and Counter Terrorism
ADJ 235 Research in Criminal Justice
ADJ 236 Principles of Criminal Investigation
ADJ 237 Advanced Criminal Investigation
ADJ 240 Techniques of Interviewing
ADJ 241 Correctional Law
ADJ 243 Homeland Security and Law
ADJ 244 Terrorism Response Planning
ADJ 245 Management of Correctional Facilities
ADJ 247 Criminal Behavior
ADJ 248 Probation, Parole, and Treatment
ADJ 250 Global Security Concepts for Law Enforcement and National Security
ADJ 252 Counterintelligence Concepts for Law Enforcement and National Security
ADJ 255 Security Management
ADJ 256 Information Security
ADJ 257 Loss Prevention
ADJ 268 Technology and the Criminal Justice System
ADJ 275 Forensic Pathology
ADJ 276 Hair and Fiber Morphology
ADJ 278 Firearms and Tool-Mark Identification
ADJ 289 Comparative Systems of Criminal Justice

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Prefix Course Name
AIR 111 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Controls
AIR 121 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration I
AIR 122 Air conditioning and Refrigeration II
AIR 134 Circuits and Controls
AIR 154 Heating Systems I
AIR 205 Hydronics and Zoning
AIR 207 Heat Loads and Psychometrics
AIR 213 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration III 
AIR 235 Heat Pumps
AIR 238 Advanced Troubleshooting and Service
AIR 251 Air Conditioning Systems I
AIR 252 Air Conditioning Systems II
AIR 257 Gas-Fired Warm Air Furnaces

Administrative Support Technology

Prefix Course Name
AST 101 Keyboarding I
AST 102 Keyboarding II
AST 107 Editing/Proofreading Skills
AST 108 Telephone Techniques
AST 117 Keyboarding for Computer Usage
AST 130 Office Procedures
AST 137 Records Management
AST 140 Introduction to Windows
AST 141 Word Processing I
AST 142 Word Processing II
AST 147 Introduction to Presentation Software
AST 205 Business Communications
AST 206 Professional Development
AST 230 Introduction to Office Technology
AST 232 Microcomputer Office Applications
AST 234 Records and Database Management
AST 236 Specialized Software Applications
AST 243 Office Administration I
AST 244 Office Administration II
AST 253 Desktop Publishing I
AST 254 Advanced Desktop Publishing II (Pagemaker or Ventura)
AST 257 WP Desktop Publishing
AST 260 Presentation Software
AST 265 Legal Office Procedures I
AST 271 Medical Office Procedures I

American Sign Language

Prefix Course Name
ASL 100 Orientation to Acquisition of ASL as an Adult
ASL 101  American Sign Language I
ASL 102  American Sign Language II
ASL 115 Fingerspelling and Number Use
ASL 125 History & Culture of the Deaf Community I
ASL 201-202 American Sign Language III-IV
ASL 208 ASL for Classroom Settings
ASL 210 ASL Storytelling
ASL 212 Advanced Fingerspelling and Number Use
ASL 220 Comparative Linguistics:  ASL & English
ASL 261-262 American Sign Language V-VI


Prefix Course Name
ARA 101 Beginning Arabic I
ARA 102 Beginning Arabic II
ARA 103 Basic Spoken Arabic I
ARA 104 Basic Spoken Arabic II
ARA 111 Conversation in Arabic I
ARA 112 Conversation in Arabic II
ARA 201 Intermediate Arabic I
ARA 202 Intermediate Arabic II


Prefix Course Name
ARC 123 Architectural Graphics I
ARC 124 Architectural Graphics II
ARC 133 Construction Methodology & Procedures I
ARC 134 Construction Methodology & Procedures II
ARC 138 Structure for Architects
ARC 200 History of Architecture
ARC 201 History of Modern Architecture
ARC 231 Architectural Design and Graphics I
ARC 232 Architectural Design and Graphics II
ARC 225 Site Planning and Technology
ARC 240 Designing Sustainable Built Environments
ARC 243 Environmental Systems


Prefix Course Name
ART 100 Art Appreciation
ART 101-102 History and Appreciation of Art I-II
ART 103-104 History of Far Eastern Art I-II
ART 105 Art in World Culture
ART 106 History of Modern Art
ART 115 Current Issues in Web Design
ART 116 Design for the Web I
ART 117 Design for the Web II
ART 121-122 Drawing I-II
ART 130 Multimedia I
ART 131-132 Fundamentals of Design I-II
ART 134 Three Dimensional Design
ART 135 Visual Communications
ART 140 Introduction to Graphic Skills
ART 141 Typography I
ART 142 Typography II
ART 150 History of Film and Animation
ART 153 Ceramics I
ART 154 Ceramics II
ART 160 Film Production I
ART 161 Film Production II
ART 175 Photography Workshop
ART 200 Introduction to Primitive Art
ART 203 Animation I
ART 204 Animation II
ART 207 3D Model Rendering
ART 208 Video Techniques
ART 209 Creative Concepts and Writing
ART 211-212 History of American Art I-II
ART 213-214 Italian Art I-II
ART 217 Graphic Design I
ART 218 Graphic Design II
ART 220 Advanced Design for the Web
ART 221-222 Drawing III-IV
ART 223 Etching I
ART 230 Multimedia II
ART 231-232 Sculpture I-II
ART 235 Functional Ceramics
ART 236 Sculptural Ceramics
ART 237 Ceramic Decoration
ART 241-242 Painting I-II
ART 243-244 Watercolor I-II
ART 250 History of Design
ART 251 Communication Design I
ART 253-254 Design III-IV
ART 258 Lithography
ART 263 Interactive Design I
ART 264 Interactive Design II
ART 265 Graphic Techniques
ART 266 Package Design
ART 267 Integrated Design Techniques
ART 268 Professional Practices in Communication Design
ART 269 Advanced Typography
ART 270 Motion Graphics I
ART 271-272 Printmaking I-II
ART 275 Relief  Printmaking
ART 277 Advanced Printmaking
ART 278 3D Computer Graphics I
ART 279 3D Computer Graphics II
ART 280 Graphic Design for Studio Arts
ART 281 Illustration for Designers
ART 283-284 Computer Graphics I-II
ART 287 Portfolio and Resume Preparation

Auto Body

Prefix Course Name
AUB 106 Basic Sheet Metal Operations
AUB 116 Auto Body Repair
AUB 118 Automotive Paint Preparation
AUB 119 Automotive Painting
AUB 125 Auto Body Welding


Prefix Course Name
AUT 100 Introduction to Automotive Shop Practices
AUT 111 Automotive Engines I
AUT 112 Automotive Engines II
AUT 113 Cylinder Block Service
AUT 114 Cylinder Head Service II
AUT 120 Introduction to Automotive Machine Shop
AUT 121 Automotive Fuel Systems I
AUT 122 Automotive Fuel Systems II
AUT 130 Introduction to Automotive Mechanics
AUT 141 Auto Power Trains I
AUT 142 Auto Power Trains II
AUT 215 Emissions Systems Diagnosis and Repair
AUT 225 Automotive Emissions Inspection
AUT 226 Advanced ASM Emissions Diagnostics 
AUT 236 Automotive Climate Control
AUT 233 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology
AUT 241 Automotive Electricity I
AUT 242 Automotive Electricity II
AUT 245 Automotive Electronics
AUT 265 Automotive Braking Systems
AUT 266 Auto Alignment, Suspension and Steering
AUT 285 Automotive Service and Practical Applications Capstone

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