Successful NOVA Graduates Who Have Transferred

Hello, my name is Jason Wray and I wanted to share my own personal experience as a typical adult transfer student who made the transition from NOVA into George Mason University. Returning to school after years away from a college environment can be a little intimidating to anyone. You're now older and maybe not as "in-tune" with the students around you, a little rusty in your studies and time management, and maybe nervous or even frightened about the amount of credits and course work you will need to complete in order to transfer. Don't worry, this is all normal and I'll be the first to tell you that I had all of these same feelings and even more.

My philosophy when coming back to college was to set small goals for myself, keep plugging away little by little at my goals and eventually achieve my larger goals. They were to graduate with an associate’s degree, transfer to a four year university and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in a major that was relevant to what I wanted to accomplish in my life.

When I started back at NOVA I hit many bumps in the road and I thought the day would never come that I would be sitting here writing about my college experiences, but that day has come. Now that I reflect on my experiences, I appreciate all the resources, guidance and preparation that NOVA provided me. The best advice I can give to future transfer students is to believe in yourself, set short and long-term goals and value all the resources that NOVA has to offer.

The NOVA transfer program provided me with all the necessary tools I needed to become successful at the next level. Once I transferred to George Mason University I found a program that was a perfect fit for someone like me who has "real-world" experience as well as an idea of what I wanted to do upon graduation. With the assistance of the Counseling Center at NOVA, I joined the Bachelor of Individualized Studies program at GMU It was by far the best decision I could have made. I was able to combine two disciplines I was interested in and create my own unique major that supported the type of career I wanted to pursue upon graduation. The BIS program was a great fit for me and with the help of everyone at NOVA; I was able to have a college experience that I will never forget.

I would love for you to check out my VisualCV at and please feel free to contact me with any questions about the NOVA Transfer Program or with any other question you may have. Kind Regards, Jason Wray