Successful NOVA Graduates Who Have Transferred

Hello, my name is Bridget Wilson. My experience with NOVA began right out of high school. The NOVA Annandale Campus was my primary campus and I graduated with an Associate of Science Degree. My transition to George Mason University was a breeze because of the collaborative agreement between the two colleges. All of my credits transferred and I was able to immediately begin my junior year upon enrollment.

NOVA was a great launch pad for my academic career. The professors and the courses at NOVA were great preparation for the higher level course work at George Mason. My advisor at NOVA was very helpful, when it came time for me to transfer, he wrote recommendation letters and talked through the pros and cons of each prospective university. The seed planted at NOVA has ultimately led to my completion of a Master's of Science Degree in Molecular Biology, as well as, my candidacy for a  Doctorate of Science Degree in Biosciences.

My NOVA days are not yet over. NOVA did such a great job of equipping me, that I decided to give back to the college through membership on the NOVA  Alumni Board. I have served as a member on the alumni board for several years and held the positions of vice president and now as president. I have enjoyed being able to interact with other students as they finish their degrees, as well as, being involved with the faculty that make everything possible. Even though NOVA provides an intimate small school experience, it is important to remember that it is the largest community college in the United States. There are a lot of people working behind the scenes to make the transfer process to other universities easier. I encourage transfer students to take full advantage of the resources at hand and to enjoy the great transfer relationships that NOVA has with so many four-year universities. 

Best wishes on your future goals,
Bridget Wilson