Successful NOVA Graduates Who Have Transferred

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Hello, my name is Bridget Wilson. My experience with NOVA began right out of high school. The NOVA Annandale Campus was my primary campus and I graduated with an Associate of Science Degree. My transition to George Mason University was a breeze because of the collaborative agreement between the two colleges. All of my credits transferred and I was able to immediately begin my junior year upon enrollment.

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I'm Geoffrey Kamau and I am an international student from Kenya. I attended NOVA Annandale Campus and graduated with an Associate of Science Degree in general studies. I then transferred to Marymount University to pursue my bachelor's degree in nursing. Studying abroad is very challenging because everything is new and different. The transfer process from NOVA to a four-year college seemed like it would be stressful and complicated for me, and I anticipated another culture shock.

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Hello, my name is Jason Wray and I wanted to share my own personal experience as a typical adult transfer student who made the transition from NOVA into George Mason University. Returning to school after years away from a college environment can be a little intimidating to anyone. You're now older and maybe not as "inā€tune" with the students around you, a little rusty in your studies and time management, and maybe nervous or even frightened about the amount of credits and course work you will need to complete in order to transfer. Don't worry, this is all normal and I'll be the first to tell you that I had all of these same feelings and even more.