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NOVA on iTunes U

NOVA has created an iTunes University website and is building a collection of content. iTunes University, commonly referred to as iTunes U, is a Web-based service that delivers instructional content via the iTunes program. If you would like to contribute any content to this site, please contact Web Services & Digital Media at

Click here to launch iTunes U

How do I access iTunes U?
To access NOVA on  iTunes U you will need the current version of iTunes, available for free download from the Apple website. iTunes is available for both Windows (XP and Vista) and Mac OS X. By clicking on the Launch iTunes U button above, iTunes will automatically download if you do not already have it. If you are faculty or staff using a campus computer, you will need to contact your campus Information Technology Manager for assistance with the download.

Once you have downloaded and installed the most current version of the iTunes software, begin your experience with iTunes @ NOVA. For further information, please consult the iTunes U User Guide (pdf) and our Frequently Asked Questions.

An Open Approach to Learning
NOVA believes in the free exchange of information and ideas. With this principal in mind iTunes U @ NOVA is a free and open system. All content within this resource is easily accessible and open to public viewing. All visitors to iTunes U are welcome to experience learning at NOVA.