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College Safety

The safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors at Northern Virginia Community College is one of our top priorities. We want to create and maintain a safe, secure environment where learning can flourish. To do so, we've staffed each campus with police and public safety officials, developed emergency preparedness plans and created a system for notifying students of campus closures due to inclement weather or other safety issues.

Campus Police

Campus police patrol college buildings and grounds, 24 hours a day, in support of the public safety goal of the college.

Report a Crime

For fire or life-threatening emergencies, call 911. Otherwise, call 703.764.5000.

Protect Your Safety

The following information has been created or compiled by the campus police to assist you:

Emergency Preparedness

Know how your campus will respond in the event of an emergency and find out what you should do. View the emergency preparedness plan:

College Closure

If the college is closed due to inclement weather, a notice will appear on the NOVA home page, the Emergency Preparedness page, social media and on our cable TV station (19, 25, 37 or 59). You may also call 703.323.3000, 703.323.3770 or 703.330.3770 (Prince William County) for closure information.