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Correspondence Testing Guidelines

Northern Virginia Community College may proctor correspondence exams for schools within the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). Schools outside the state of Virginia may have exams proctored for a fee through the Alexandria Office of Continuing Education, 703.845.6280.

Guidelines for Students to Follow:

If you are interested in having a NOVA Testing Center proctor an exam for you, please follow the steps below:

  • First, contact the Testing Center of your choice for test authorization with your (SIS) Student ID number. Tests that have not been preapproved will be returned to the school.
  • Contact the center to make sure your correspondence test has arrived before coming to campus.
  • Bring a current photo ID (driver's license, school ID, passport, etc.) to the Testing Center.
  • Arrive at least 90 minutes before closing to start the test and remember that all tests are collected 15 minutes before closing. Please check the individual campus website for current hours.
  • If appropriate, bring stamps and envelopes to mail the completed test to the instructor.
  • Contact the Testing Center for specific policies regarding testing. Some do not allow breaks, etc. Children are not allowed in all Testing Centers.

Guidelines for Faculty to Follow:

  • Testing Centers do not accept exams by Fax.
  • Some campuses may accept exams by email attachments in WORD 2007 if they are no longer than five pages with no diagrams.
  • Some campuses do not administer tests that allow open book and notes.
  • Tests for other VCCS institutions will only be administered Monday through Friday.
  • Exams are held for the current semester; however, no exams will be given once NOVA's final exam period begins. If the student has failed to take the test prior to the cut-off date, the exams will be discarded.

All tests being proctored by the Testing Center must include:

  • An email or cover sheet from the instructor with the following information for administering the test:
    • The instructor's name and contact information (name & address of school, email address and phone numbers).
    • Student's name, student VCCS ID number and contact information.
  • If the test is a hard copy test:
    • One time limit (e.g., 1 hour to complete), if desired; we do not do multiple timings. Not all campuses accommodate timed tests.
    • Directions for returning completed exam to instructor.
  • If the test is an online (Blackboard) test*:
    • Directions to find the link to the exam, the exam number and password.
    • Contact information in case the test needs to be reset (computer or power failure, etc.).
    • *The NOVA Testing Centers use a program that does not allow students to connect to other Internet sites except Blackboard; therefore, any exam that requires other Internet sites or programs cannot be administered.