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Student Development: College Success Skills - SDV 100 & 101

Student Development 100 (SDV)Student Development 100 (SDV 100), NOVA's 1-credit success course helps you start strong in your first semester of college.

SDV 100 provides you with skills in time management, note taking and test preparation, academic planning, career decision making, financial literacy and critical thinking.

You will also learn about NOVA policies, procedures and resources. Research shows that student success courses help students earn higher GPAs and increase their likelihood of continuing their education to the end.

Students in healthcare, teacher education, information technology, business and horticulture programs may substitute the SDV 101 for their specific programs in place of SDV 100.

EnrollFirst time to college students, ages 17 - 24, must enroll in either SDV 100 or SDV 101 within their first 15 credits.

First-year students who do not successfully complete the course in their first semester will receive a hold requiring them to meet with an advisor in order to enroll in further courses.

SDV 100 College Success Skills

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  2. SDV 100 Course Content Summary

SDV 101 Orientation (to a Specific Discipline)

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  2. SDV 101 Course Content Summary

SDV 100 Able Exam

SDV 100 ABLE Exam - Many students enter NOVA with advance study skills, knowledge of college processes and personal success experience. Students who are interested in testing out of the SDV requirement may take the SDV 100 ABLE available through any campus testing center. The exam has 50 multiple choice and true/false questions; credit is awarded for a score of 38 or higher. Students may only take the test once.