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Chief of Police: Daniel Dusseau

College Police Officers

Chief of Police: Daniel Dusseau

Phone: 703.764.5000

Northern Virginia Community College Police Roster

Daniel Dusseau Chief All Command
William “Jake” Jacoby Assistant Chief Pitney Bowes Command
John Weinstein Lieutenant Alexandria Command
Delton Anglin Acting Lieutenant Annandale Command
Randall Carlock Lieutenant MIP Command
John Stasiowski Lieutenant Annandale - Support Services Command
John DeGurse III Lieutenant Pitney Bowes - Admin Services Command
Tony Ong Community Relations All Administration
Christopher Ovenden Sergeant Alexandria  Administration
Franklin Fleming Acting Sergeant Annandale Administration
Kerry Haynes Sergeant Loudoun Administration
Jeffery Rudolph Sergeant Manassas Administration
William Spaulding Sergeant Woodbridge Administration
Debera Long Sergeant MEC Administration
Stephen Brunelle Officer Arlington Center Clery Coordinator
Jirawat Tantiyangkul Officer Alexandria Patrol
Zachary Trad  Officer Alexandria Patrol
Stephen Allen Officer Alexandria Patrol
Robert Corwin Officer Alexandria Patrol
Mike Shallue Officer Alexandria Patrol
Edward Lauth, IV Officer Alexandria Patrol
Chase Sylvester Officer Alexandria Patrol
Neal Anglin Officer Annandale Administration
Lennie Atwood Officer Annandale Patrol
Andrew Jenkins Officer Annandale Patrol
Kristi Jones Officer Annandale Patrol
Jared Williams Officer Annandale Patrol
Randall Dashkovitz Officer Annandale Patrol
Andrew Lane Officer Annandale Patrol
Lisa Zandel Officer Annandale Patrol
Ingrid Tonic Dispatcher Annandale Communications
David Riglin   Dispatcher Annandale Communications
Michael Gonzalez Dispatcher Annandale Communications
Samuel Dee Dispatcher Annandale Communications
Brian Snow Dispatcher Annandale Communications
Arturo Lopez Dispatcher Annandale Communications
Asiya Al-Hadid Officer Loudoun Patrol
Arnold Malapira Officer Loudoun Patrol
Christopher Florio Officer Loudoun Patrol
Richard Cruz Officer Loudoun Patrol
John Chavez Officer Loudoun Patrol
Jeff Johnson  Officer Manassas Patrol
Dana Shields Officer Manassas Patrol
Chris Powell Officer Manassas Patrol
Brian Walker Officer Med Ed Patrol
Aziz Benbrick Officer Med Ed Patrol
Juan Cardenas Officer Med Ed Patrol
Theodore Anderson, Jr. Officer Med Ed Patrol
Jamesian Emmanuel Officer Med Ed Patrol
Robert Russell Officer Woodbridge Patrol
Glenda Stanislaus-Johnson Officer Woodbridge Patrol
Jasper Belk, Jr. Officer Woodbridge Patrol
Mark Bernardo Officer Woodbridge Patrol
John Bresnahan Officer Woodbridge Patrol
Frank Sormenah Security Alexandria
Joanne Cathcart Security Annandale
Audrey Campbell Security Annandale
Welmer Landaverde Security Loudoun
James Cawthon Security Manassas
Mart Harper Security Manassas
Kendall Jones Security Woodbridge
Arthur Lindberg Security Med Ed