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Parking Permits

Display Regulations

Permits must be clearly displayed, as instructions indicate, on cars, trucks, and motorcycles. On cars and trucks, the permit must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle on the driver's side, either on the vehicle window or on the rear bumper. Motorcycle permits must be displayed on the front fork of the cycle. Permits are designed with an adhesive backing to be stuck to the outside of the vehicle either on the glass or on the bumper. If a vehicle operator/owner chooses another method of attaching the permit to the vehicle, and the permit is not clearly visible in the required location, the operator will be fined for improper display of permit. Only permits authorized by NOVA Parking Services are valid on NOVA parking lots.

Student Permits

All students (full- and part-time) must display a permit on vehicles parked on campus unless they use pay parking. Permits are required during every semester, including the summer, and are valid for one semester only. Go to

Students with permits may park in "B" lots only. Permits cost $95 if purchased online and $105 if purchased in person. Please go to to purchase a permit online. VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted. Permits will be mailed to the applicant's home address. Temporary parking passes can be printed out when permits are ordered online and confirmation emails will be sent to your NOVA email account.

Students may also purchase a temporary parking pass for $12 per day online or at any NOVA campus Parking Office or use pay/visitor parking.

Emergency Permits

Faculty, staff, and students who have been issued a current permit - but due to an emergency are unable to use the vehicle with the permit - may obtain a temporary parking pass from a Parking Services office. Use of these passes is limited to a range of several days up to two weeks and documentation may be required. Requests for temporary passes are limited to two per semester. Valid personal identification is required to obtain a temporary pass. Go to

Faculty and Staff Permits

Full-time employees (faculty, adjunct faculty and classified staff) may register a maximum of two vehicles online. Permits will be mailed to the applicant's home address. Temporary parking passes can be printed out when permits are ordered online. There is only one opportunity - at the time of purchase - to print the temporary pass. Go to

Professors emeriti and retired classified staff may register for one parking per year by going online at Permits must be renewed yearly and are active beginning August 1.

Faculty/Staff permits will be issued under limited circumstances in Parking Services offices the first day of classes for each semester. Applications will no longer be processed through individual departments.

All full-time and adjunct faculty and P-3 classified staff are currently eligible for two free permits. P-14 and student hire employees are eligible for one free hangtag per employee, issued by semester through their respective campus parking services offices. Work-study students must purchase student B permits. 

Employees must display their permits appropriately and comply with parking regulations or be subject to a fine. Privileges apply to the faculty or staff member to whom the permit is issued and are not transferable to anyone else. Only one faculty/staff vehicle per employee is authorized to park on College lots at the same time regardless of the number of permits issued.

Employees are responsible for providing and maintaining correct information on their parking record. All changes, including license tag numbers, must be immediately reported to a Parking Services office. Employees terminating from the College should return all parking services current parking permits to a Parking Services office accompanied by a completed HR form 105-022 which can be accessed at Employees may not obtain new or replacement permits without having paid for all parking citations on their records.

Guest and Visitor Passes

College officials may request temporary parking passes for parking lots, or validations for parking garages, for guests and visitors. These passes and validations allow parking in NOVA lots or garages at the times indicated. They are not valid for use at meters. Visitors without parking passes or validations must use meters or pay for parking in the parking garages. The failure to pay is likely to result in a citation. Only validations and parking permits authorized by Parking Services are valid for visitor and guest parking.

Handicapped Permits

NOVA does not issue handicapped permits. Handicapped permits issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in any state or the District of Columbia will be honored on campuses. It is not necessary to purchase a NOVA permit if a valid DMV handicapped permit is displayed while parking in a NOVA handicapped space. Handicapped permits must be valid, displayed properly, and used only by the person(s) to whom they were issued. It is a violation of Virginia state law to misuse a handicapped permit.

Motorcycle Permits

Motorcycle permits are valid for use in surface parking lots only. Motorcycles must be parked in designated areas and are not permitted in NOVA parking garages.