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Citations / Appeals

NOVA enforces its parking regulations through citations to those who fail to comply with rules and regulations that control parking on any of its campuses. Enforcement of regulations is in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fines must be paid within 30 days from the date of issue or an administrative fee will be added to the original fine. NOVA uses the services of a collection agency for all overdue debts owed to the College and the debtor is responsible for paying all fines, administrative fees, and collection costs.

The registered owner or the current permit holder of a vehicle is responsible for any parking violations, regardless of the person driving. Unidentified vehicles left on lots may be towed at the owner’s expense. Faculty, staff and students may not obtain new or replacement permits without having paid for all parking citations on their records. Students with unpaid citations on their accounts will have a hold placed on their student account and will be unable to register for the next semester or purchase a permit.

Parking citations may be paid or appealed online. There is a $10 processing charge for all denied appeals. There are no first-time warnings given for meter violations.

pay citation parking permit

Virginia state summonses issued for violations on NOVA property cannot be appealed through a Parking Services office or on the website. Summonses must be appealed by following the instructions on the summons.

Vehicle Immobilization

A vehicle with three or more unpaid citations may be immobilized. The boot will not be removed until all outstanding parking fines, any collection fees and boot fees are paid. Out-of-state licensed vehicles may be immobilized and/or towed with one unpaid citation. It is illegal to tamper with or remove a boot. Vehicles unclaimed or remaining booted after 72 hours may be towed at the owner’s risk and expense.

Parking Fees