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Pay for Print Locations - NOVACard

  1. The names of the NOVA campuses are: Alexandria, Annandale, Loudoun, Manassas, Medical Education and Woodbridge. (NOTE: If you have a Windows laptop an .exe file is needed and if you have a Mac laptop a .dmg file is needed.)  
  2. Click on the location of the NOVA campus below where you are and download the location of where you are on that campus. (ex. Library, Open Computer Lab, Cyber Cafe, etc.)
  3. Once you find the appropriate printer for the location where you are, click on the link and select run, so that the package can be downloaded onto your laptop.
  4. Then select Install -- let the package fully install and then click Finish (this takes approximately 90 seconds).
  5. Then click on Start on the task bar and click on Printer & Faxes to verify if the printer package installed properly on your laptop. After that, restart your laptop so the printer package can work properly.
  6. You can then print from your laptop to the selected printer. When the pop-up windows screen appears, you need to name your job. That job name will show up on the release station for about 30 minutes and then it will be automatically deleted.
  7. For assistance or questions about printing from the release station, please call the central NOVACard Office at 703.764.7759 or the IT Help Desk at 703.426.4141.

Cost of Printing

 Student Guest Card
Mono (black & white) 12 cents 12 cents
Color 40 cents 40 cents

Download Print Drivers





Medical Education

Reston Center