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Polices Terms and Conditions

Policies Terms and Conditions

All NOVACard identification cards are the property of Northern Virginia Community College and are provided for appropriate use for identification and access to campus services. The NOVACard is non transferable and any misuse, alteration, or counterfeiting of a NOVACard may subject the cardholder to disciplinary action by the College. Access to college facilities or cardholder’s account(s) may be denied if your account is suspended by the college for administrative reasons.

Card issuance

To get your NOVACard go to any NOVACard Office on each of our six campuses. Students will need to provide proof of enrollment, current schedule of classes or a receipt, as well as a government issued photo ID. The NOVACard is a secondary form of identification and follows the DMV established procedures for issuing an ID card. DMV procedures require full face photos. If special assistance is required for a full face photo, accommodations can be made at any of the NOVACard offices. NOVACard is the official Northern Virginia Community College photo identification card. Your official name as it appears in the college records will be printed on the card. The card is valid for two years from the issue date.  NOVACard cardholders are responsible for protecting their NOVACard.

Lost or Stolen NOVACard

A lost or stolen NOVACard must be reported to a NOVACard office as soon as possible. The cardholder will be liable for all financial transactions on the card until it is reported to the NOVACard Office as lost or stolen. The NOVACard will be deactivated to prevent misuse and placed on hold. The NOVACard hold will not affect college services such as academic registration. If found the cardholder must bring the NOVACard to a NOVACard office to have the account reactivated. If the card is not found, the NOVACard will be reissued with a new encoding card number on the magnetic stripe of the card. Previous balance and account history will carry forward to the new card number. General account information such as student ID number will not be affected in this process. The fee for reissue of a NOVACard when the old card is not returned is $10.00.

Confiscation of NOVACard

The use of the NOVACard by any person other than the person to whom it was issued under false pretenses, including changing or attempting to change the validation, is a violation of College Policy. Northern Virginia Community College reserves the right to confiscate any NOVACard.

Inactive NOVACards Account/Expired NOVACards

The student NOVACard will expire two years after the issue date. Expired cards can be replaced free of charge only if the cardholder turns in the old NOVACard at the time of renewal.  A $10 replacement fee is applied if the cardholder does not turn in the old NOVACard. All NOVACard accounts that have been inactive for 12 months or more may be deactivated and the account closed. Remaining balances will be returned to the cardholder’s last address, less a refund/ account closing fee. Guest cards (anonymous) accounts that have been inactive for 12 months or more may be deactivated and the account closed.  No refunds of balances will be made on a deactivated guest card account.   

Photo Identification Policy

As a secondary form of identification, NOVACard follows government issued photo identification policies which require full faced photos. NOVACard Id Photos require that no item or attire should cover or obscure any part of the face. For more policy details or special arrangements, contact any NOVACard Office location. 

Please Note: Special accommodations can be made if student/faculty/staff require a closed environment for a full faced photo.

Error Resolution Procedure

Any requests for adjustments to the cardholder’s account must be submitted to the NOVACard office within 30 days of the transaction date of the error. Requests for adjustments to accounts must be accompanied by sufficient documentation (receipts) to allow for research and resolution. For copy/print locations, please contact College staff in those areas.

The following items must be provided when discrepancies are reported: (1) cardholder name and college ID number, (2) description of the transaction in question and a clear explanation of the discrepancy, and (3) dollar amount of the transaction.

The NOVACard office will investigate the discrepancy. The result of the investigation is generally made available within ten (10) business days of notification; however, if needed, the College may take up to forty-five (45) days to conduct the investigation. During this time, the account will be provisionally credited.

Closing Account Policy

The cardholder agrees and understands that there will be no cash withdrawals or refunds from active NOVACard accounts. Cash refunds will not be issued for returned merchandise purchased with NOVACard. NOVACard accounts will be credited for the amount of the return subject to each merchant’s return policy. Overall balances on NOVACard accounts in excess of $10 may be refunded to the cardholder when the account is closed.  Balances below $10 will not be refundable to cardholders. Cardholders are always encouraged to spend their remaining balances before closing their accounts. Closed accounts cannot be reactivated for a period of 30 days.


To deposit money on your NOVACard
The NOVACard Deposit machines accept cash only - no credit cards or coins. The machines accept only $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. No change will be given. Follow the step by step instructions on the CSVT machine. You may also go to any NOVACard Office to make a deposit on your account using cash, debit or credit card.

Transaction Refund Request

In the event that the cardholder believes that there has been an error associated with his/her account, the NOVACard office must receive from the cardholder a completed transaction refund request form and related recipients within 30 days after the problem or error occurred.

The NOVACard office will conduct an investigation into the allegation(s) and will notify the cardholder of the results of the investigation within 10 business days of the date that the cardholder submits the form. The NOVACard office will promptly resolve any errors found. If more time is required, the NOVACard office may take up to 45 days from the date that the cardholder notifies the NOVACard office of the discrepancy to conduct the investigation.

In the event that additional time is required, the NOVACard office will notify the cardholder and credit the cardholder account within 10 business days for the amount in question so that the cardholder will have use of those funds during the investigation. NOVACard will inform the cardholder in writing of the findings of the investigation within three business days of its completion. The Cardholder may request copies of the documents used by NOVACard office in the investigation.