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Getting Started With NOVACard

Go to any NOVACard Office on each of our six campuses to get a NOVACard. Students will need to provide proof of enrollment, current schedule of classes or a receipt, as well as a government issued photo ID. The NOVACard is a secondary form of identification and follows the DMV established procedures for issuing an ID card. DMV procedures require full face photos. If special assistance is required for a full face photo, accommodations can be made at any of the NOVACard offices.

Adding Fund to Your NOVACard

Once you have your NOVACard, you need to deposit money in your NOVACard Account at any of the deposit machines or at any of the Campus NOVACard Offices. The most likely place to find a deposit machine on each NOVA campus is either in the library or the cafeteria. You may follow the instructions listed on the machine or click here for detailed instructions about how to complete a deposit. A minimum amount of $1 is required to start a NOVACard account. The Deposit machine accepts cash only -- $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.