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Educational Counseling - Military Services

Step 1

  • Application for Admission: If you have not taken classes at NOVA or at any other Virginia community college within the last three years, you must complete the Application for Admission. Click here to complete the application online.
  • You will receive your Student ID when you submit your completed application. You will use this Student ID to register for classes.
  • If you have taken a credit or non-credit class at NOVA, you can find your Student ID at:

Step 2

Register by choosing one of the following options:

  • Online at NOVAConnect Web: This is the preferred method. It is the most convenient for students. Follow the instructions to get your Student ID number, login, etc. After you login, you can register for courses, look for open courses and view or change your personal information. In addition, you can view and print your unofficial transcripts.
  • NOVAConnect Phone: 703.330.3770 (Prince William County) or 703.323.3770 (all others).

Please refer to the Important Dates page in the Schedule of Classes for complete date(s) information, for registration periods, Add/Drop/Swap, etc.

You must register and pay for your course, workshop, or seminar prior to its starting date or during the Add/Drop period.

Please refer to the Military Educational Services website for Class Schedules or the NOVA Schedule to help locate those courses that will meet you degree plan. NOTE: The Military will only pay for courses that are listed on your current Degree Plan/SOC. In order to take a course not listed on your degree plan, you will have to get prior permission from your Base Education Office and or change your degree plan.

After you have registered for courses, you may add/drop as desired up to the last date of the add/drop period. Depending on semester and session, there is an additional period beyond the add/drop period in which a student my change their schedule with tuition refund. Check the current schedule for add/drop and withdraw periods. It is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to be aware of these dates and the procedures for adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses. After the drop/add period you may still get out of a course but you will have to request a withdrawal. There are two withdrawal periods. The first is withdrawal without Grade Penalty. The second is withdrawal with the possibility of grade penalty.

You can add/drop by simply using MyNOVA, phone, or in person. If you add/drop, ensure you inform your Base Education as to your change. You can only add a course that is reflected on your degree plan. In addition, if you add a course, you must provide payment for the new course. Again you must inform your Base Education office this change.

If you are withdrawing from a course you must do two things:

  • First, you must complete the NOVA Course Withdraw Form and return it to NOVA.
  • Second, you need to contact your Base Education and let them know of your withdraw.

If you withdraw during the first withdraw period, your Grade will be reflected as a W and a bill will be sent to your Base Education for the course. In addition, to the NOVA Course withdraw form you MUST inform your Base Education Office. They will charge you the money for withdrawing, unless you can provide them a valid reason via your Change of Command.

If you withdraw during the last withdrawal period you need to complete the steps above and be aware that you may receive a failing grade. If however, there is a valid reason, i.e. military duty, NOVA may give you a W or I for the course. This must be addressed via the professor, and or department head.

Special arrangements may be made if you have to withdraw because of military deployment. These arrangements will be coordinated between the faculty member and student.