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Contact Us - Military Services

Office of Military Services


Military Site Representatives

Ft. Myers/Henderson Hall
Alicia Street
Phone: 703.527.5976

Ft. Belvoir
Victoria Esannason
Barden Education Center, Room 127
Phone: 703.360.8524
MCB Quantico
Dan Duffy
Lifelong Learning Center
Phone: 703.640.6303

Veteran Advisors

Alexandria Campus
Room 194
Phone: 703.933.8374

Diana Campos
Room 194
Phone: 703.933.8374 

Annandale Campus
Romulo Sarmiento
Room CA 114
Phone: 703.323.3145

Audra Morris
Room CA 113B
Phone: 703.764.5004

Loudoun Campus
Pearson Buasen
Room LR 249A
Phone: 703.450.2583

Manassas Campus
Danae Erickson
Room MH 111
Phone: 703.257.6622
Medical Education Campus
Dietrich Giles
Room HE 202-A
Phone: 703.822.6540

Woodbridge Campus
Diane Malone
Room WC 208
Phone: 703.878.5748

Angela Sawyer
Room WC 208

Vet Success on Campus

Annandale and Alexandria Campus
Jason Hunter
Phone: 703.323.3893