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Tuition Assistance Top-Up Program - Military Services

You may qualify for these benefits if you:

  • Are approved for federal Tuition Assistance by a military department
  • Eligible for MGIB-Active Duty benefits
  • Served at least two full years on Active Duty

The Top-Up Program is not available at this time to persons who are eligible for the MGIB Selected Reserve program.

Benefit Guidelines

The amount of the benefit is limited to the amount that the person would receive for the same course if regular MGIB benefits were being paid. In no case can the amount paid by the military combined with the amount paid by VA be more than the total cost of the course. If a person receives the Top-up benefit, his or her regular MGIB benefits will be reduced. The amount of entitlement charged for Top-up payments is determined by dividing the amount of the payment by the claimant's full-time monthly rate. The benefit is available for all courses that began on or after October 30, 2000.

Documentation Required for the Tuition Assistance Top-Up Program

To receive tuition assistance utilizing the Top-Up Program you must apply for your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). A COE can be obtained by going to the Department of Veteran Affairs website and applying for your federal GI Bill education benefits utilizing their Veteran On-Line Application (VONAPP). Please submit completed forms or document copies to the Department of Veteran Affairs, according to your circumstances.

If you have never applied for benefits submit a:

  • Application for VA Benefits (22-1990) through VONAPP and include your Tuition Assistance Authorization form for the course. The TA form must be signed by an authorized military official.

If you have had a one-year break in attendance at NOVA or if you used your benefit at another institution submit a:

If you received your benefit at NOVA within the last year submit your Tuition Assistance Authorization form for the course to the VA’s education processing offices in Buffalo, New York:

VA Regional Processing Office
130 South Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202

Important:These claims are handled differently from claims for MGIB without TA. For Top-Up claims, you won’t need to check in with the Veteran Advisors Office who certifies VA benefits. The VA doesn't need an enrollment certification on VA Form 22-1999. You won’t need to check for approval of the program for VA benefits; approval isn’t an issue. Top-Up is payable for any course for which TA is payable under DOD criteria.