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Credit Requirements - Military Services

Education benefits are based on your student status (e.g., full time, half time). To receive the maximum benefit, you must be registered full time. Part-time rates are reduced proportionately.




Full Time

12+ credits

9+ credits

9+ credits

3/4 Time

9-11 credits

6-8 credits

6-8 credits

1/2 Time

6-8 credits

4.5-5.5 credits

4.5-5.5 credits

< 1/2 Time
(see below)

1-5 credits

1-4.5 credits

1-4.5 credits

Less Than Half-Time Enrollment

Chapter 30 students are not issued lump-sum payments. Monthly checks are based upon the prorated monthly rate of payment and training time pursued.

Chapter 32 students have separate training time rates established based on their contribution record and are paid at those rates rather than reimbursement of tuition and fees.

For trainees on active duty, payment is limited to reimbursement of tuition and fees for the training taken.