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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I know whether I am ready to apply for graduation?

  • Check your Degree Progress Report
  • See your faculty advisor if you have any questions.

2. What are the graduation application deadlines?

If you plan to graduate in... Your graduation application is due by...
May March 1st
August June 1st
December October 1st

* Applications received after the deadline are processed for the following semester.

3. Are there directions for how to complete the online graduation application?
Yes, you can find them on the NOVAConnect site.

4. I don’t know who my faculty advisor is. What should I do?
Contact your division office or a counselor.

5. What happens if I miss the deadline?
Your application will be processed and awarded with the next semester graduation applications. (see dates above in 2). NOTE: If you miss the Spring graduation application deadline, your name will not be printed in the commencement program.

6. How will I know whether my application has been received?
You will receive a confirmation message to your NOVA email account.

7. What should I do if I have questions?
Contact your faculty advisor or a counselor

8. What should I do if I’ve completed more than one program?
Select each program you wish to apply for on your graduation application.

9. If I don’t complete the requirements during this term, will my application carry over to the next term?
No, you will have to reapply. Applications are only good for one semester.

10. What if I finish my degree or certificate in one term but don’t apply until later?
Your degree will be awarded the semester you submit your application for graduation. The date you actually complete requirements will appear on your transcript in this fashion: Requirements Completed Summer 2010. Degree awarding begins the last day of the semester.

11. Why do I have to apply for graduation?
Your application signals the College to begin your degree audit. It also tells us that it’s time to order your diploma.

12. What is my catalog year?
Your catalog year is the catalog you have been following to meet curriculum requirements.

13. What is a degree audit?
A degree audit is the process of checking your records to be sure that you have met all of the requirements for graduation. This includes making sure that transfer courses and substitutions have been properly applied to your degree or certificate program.

14. When will I receive my diploma or certificate?
You should receive your diploma or certificate approximately three months after the last day of the semester.

15. What do I do if I need to withdraw my application for graduation?
Complete the Graduation Application Withdrawal Form and fax it to 703.813.6022 no later than the last day of the semester for which you applied.