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Career Resources & Development Center - Annandale Campus

What is Career Services?

As part of the comprehensive education and students services offered at NOVA, career services are available at each of the Northern Virginia Community College campuses.

In accordance with the College Catalog, career services are services that assist students with exploring, developing, and setting goals related to each students’ unique educational and academic needs -- including career assessments, occupational information, goal setting, planning and employment resources.

Students are encouraged to access the career resources and contact the career counselors at the campus in which they primarily study.

An additional career resource available to NOVA students is the Career Resources & Development Center.

Annandale Career Resources & Development Center Brochure (PDF)

What is the Career Resources & Development Center?

The Career Resources & Development Center (C.R.D.C.) is an exclusive Annandale Campus career services resource at NOVA.

The C.R.D.C. provides all NOVA students access to self-help career resources as well a computer lab with Internet access for students to explore occupational information, plan for careers through self-directed programs, and conduct job searches. In addition, the C.R.D.C. provides Annandale Campus students career counseling and other career services support from career counselors.

Services & Resources

Information on career services and resources that are available to all NOVA students can be located on the Career Services Web page.

The Career Resource & Development Center at the Annandale Campus provides the following career counseling and assessment services, in addition to occupational information, and job search resources:


Career Counseling
Resume Critiques
Career Decision Making
Declaring a Major
Cover Letter Critiques
Career Planning
Mock Interviews
Understanding College Majors

ACT DISCOVER Career Planning Program
Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Strong Interest Inventory
Kiersey Temperament Sorter
Learning Styles and Intelligence Types
Virginia Career Clusters
Virginia Education Wizard


Occupational Outlook Handbooks
Career and Occupations DVDs
ACT DISCOVER Career Planning Program
Career One Stop
Virginia View
Virginia Education Wizard

Job Search Engines
Employer Visits
Job Fairs
On Campus Interviews
Job Announcement Boards
NOVA Job Listserve

Employers & Community Partners

Employers and community partners who are interested in student recruitment and interviewing on the Annandale Campus should contact Felicia Blakeney to coordinate a visitation.

Employers can download and complete the Career Resources & Development Center’s job announcement template to advertise employment positions in the surrounding community.

Job announcements can be submitted via email to the Career Resources & Development Center.

Exclusive Career Information

Students can sign-up to be sent C.R.D.C. exclusive career information related to on-campus employers, special job announcements, and other career events via the listserve through the Career Resources & Development Center.

Students, Alumni, and Community Members who would like to pursue on-campus employment opportunities should the visit NOVA Human Resources Department Web page at Jobs at NOVA.

Cooperative Education & Internships Program

Students, Employers, and Faculty/Staff may visit the Cooperative Education & Internships Program website to find out more information about cooperative education and internships.

Additional Career Information

C.R.D.C. Faculty & Staff

Location: CA 105
Email: Marius Jones (appointments for Annandale students A-L)
          Vacant Position (appointments for Annandale students M-Z)
          Felicia Blakeney (employers, job announcements, and general Career Center questions)


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