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Campus Career Resource Center

NOVA's Career Resource Centers stock plenty of books and publications that provide occupational information. Sample titles include the Occupational Outlook Handbook and the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance.

Online Resources

You'll find links to websites on self-assessment, career research, job search skills and job listings in our student section.

Kuder Planner - complete online career information delivery system with interest, values, skills and transferable skills assessment components. Also includes extensive occupational, school and financial aid information databases.

Sign Up for Career Courses

Here's a sample of student development career courses that can help you research occupations (get more details from your local NOVA Campus):

  • SDV 295- "Topics In: Career Counseling" (1 cr.)
  • SDV 106- Preparation for Employment (1 cr.)
  • SDV 107- Career Education (2 cr.)
  • PSY 106 - Experiences in Personal Growth (3 cr.)

The Continuing Education offices at each campus sometimes offer career development related classes under General Interest.

Is Continuing Education an option?
Continuing Education often offers career development-related classes. Click here for links to the Continuing Education offices at NOVA.

Community Resources
Learn about Northern Virginia's community resources that offer employment services and resources to its residents