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Community Based Organizations

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"Community colleges like NOVA, working together with nonprofit community-based organizations are demonstrating life transforming college and career advancement outcomes for laid-off and low-wage workers, while also delivering skilled and motivated new workers for employers. Together, community colleges and CBO can systematically re-align America's workforce system to create new opportunities for workers, employers and entire communities."Robert G. Templin, Jr.
President (Retired), NOVA

Program Overview

Mission Statement

The mission of the office for Community Based Organizations (CBO) Co-Enrollment Programs is to partner with non-profit organizations to provide education and training that will create gateways to higher education, better jobs and increased earnings for residents of Northern Virginia. This initiative supports the fulfillment of several goals of NOVA’s Gateway to the American Dream: Strategic Vision 2015:

  • Access - Increase access to under-served populations.
  • Partnerships - Develop strategic partnerships to create gateways of opportunity.
  • Leadership - Serve as a catalyst and a leader in developing educational and economic competitiveness.
Who We Are

We are the coordinating office for co-enrollment partnerships between NOVA and Community Based Organizations. We work with NOVA’s internal departments and offices to facilitate and establish co-enrollment programs. We provide ongoing student services support, partnership oversight, planning and evaluation.

Our Approach

Our staff assist students with completing the NOVA and FAFSA applications and provide a New Student Orientation workshop at each partner’s location. We utilize a case management approach to work with students and reduce barriers often faced by students who are unaware of the many processes involved in applying to college, seeking financial aid and enrolling in courses. In addition, wrap-around support services provided by the CBO partner, work to identify and address student issues early on to ensure program completion and success.

CBO Program Outcomes

Our community-based programs are highly successful in preparing students for the job market and promoting educational pathways for career advancement. With “jobs first” as a goal of all co-enrollment programs, student job placement rates average between 70% and 100% across all programs. The gateway co-enrollment partnerships offer underserved and often overlooked populations, access to higher education and skills they need to be employable. The course offered at CBO partner sites are part of a NOVA career studies certificate. Students who complete all the required courses can apply for graduation and participate in the annual graduation ceremony. NOVA encourages students to continue their education at NOVA toward an Associate Degree after they complete the program by enrolling in courses and degree programs that align with their career goals.

Data Reports

Launched in 2007 at the Alexandria Campus as a NOVA Special Project, 36 students in the NVFS Training Futures program became co-enrolled as NOVA students and earned a total of 431 credits for the winter term.

Six years later, in the 2012-13 academic year, seven community based co-enrollment programs reached more than 1,000 students who earned 7,237 credits (241 annual FTEs), generating more than $1.5 million gross revenue ($425,000 net) for the College.

Over the life of the program:

  • 2411 unique students served
  • 25 Associate degrees awarded
  • 103 Career Studies Certificates awarded

A Gateway to the American Dream

A documentary film highlighting the unique partnership between NOVA, Year Up National Capital Region and Training Futures.