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Purpose: The Interior Design program prepares students to become assistant designers or interior design technicians. The curriculum provides a foundation education covering a broad range of topics in interior design, art history, furniture history, and basic design. Computer-aided drafting, rendering and business practices round out the curriculum. Students become knowledgeable in both residential and contract design. Career opportunities exist not only in the retail marketing of furniture, fabrics, and accessories but also in commercial design firms as space planners, drafters, and technical support staff.

The curriculum can be completed in two years; however, students may enroll on a part-time basis. There are no entry requirements.

First Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   ART101Hist. & Appreciation of Art I3
   ART131Fund. of Design I4
   ENG111College Composition I3
   IDS100Theory & Tech. of Int. Design3
PED116Lifetime Fitness & Wellness1
   PSY100Prin. of Applied Psychology3
   ART102Hist. & Appreciation of Art II 3
ART132Fund. of Design II or Elective 3-4
   IDS105Arch. Draft. for Int. Design 3
   IDS109Styles of Furniture & Interiors 3
   SPD110Intro. to Speech Communication 3

Total Credits/Semester1816-17

Second Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   IDS106Three Dimen. Drawing/Rendering3
   IDS206Lighting & Furnishing3
   IDS225Business Procedures3
   MTH151Math for the Liberal Arts I3
___Social Science Elective3
   IDS205Materials and Sources 3
   IDS215Theory/Research Commercial Design 3
   IDS221Designing Commercial Interiors 4
   IDS245Computer-Aided Drafting 
   for Interior Designers 3
IDS290Coordinated Internship 3

Total Credits/Semester1516

Total credits for the A.A.S. Degree in Interior Design = 65-66.

1 The PED requirement may be met by one of the following options: PED 116, 2 cr.; PED 116, 1 cr. plus a PED activities course, 1 cr.; or PED 116, 1 cr. plus RPK 205, 207, 208, 216, or 225. PED 116 is offered as both a 1- credit and a 2-credit course.

2 The social science elective may be selected from the following: economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, or sociology (includes anthropology).

3 Electives may be selected from Interior Design and curricula that offer complimentary areas to Interior Design: Architecture Technology, Business Administration, Communication Design, Horticulture Technology, Art History, and Marketing.

4 For those students interested in transfer, an IDS elective may be substituted (with division approval) for the internship.

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