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    Instructional Programs


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         NVCC offers programs designed to meet the increasing demand for technicians, clerical workers, para-professionals, service providers, and persons skilled in crafts. These programs, which normally require two years or less of training beyond high school, may include preparation for business, engineering, government, health and medical, industrial, service, and other technical and occupational fields. The programs provide the technical skills necessary for employment and career advancement within a particular area of study.

    The Associate in Applied Arts (A.A.A.) and Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) are awarded for completion of two-year occupation related programs. Although not designed to transfer into traditional four-year degrees, they may be accepted at some senior colleges and universities. This varies by institution. If the studentís primary goal is to transfer, the transfer institutionís requirements must be carefully explored prior to enrolling in these career programs. Many of the Applied Associate degrees can be transferred into non-traditional degree programs such as George Mason Universityís Bachelor of Individualized Study (BIS) and/or National Louis Universityís B.S. in Business Management. Check with an NVCC counselor or faculty advisor for more information on transfer opportunities for Applied Associate degrees.

    The Certificate (C.)is awarded for completion of a program less than two years in length, generally two or three semesters. Most certificates are part of an applied associate degree and the credits earned for the certificate may be used toward the degree.

    The Career Studies Certificate (C.S.C.) is awarded for a short-term training program in a specific field. Credit earned in some Career Studies Certificate programs may be used to meet the requirements in other certificates and applied degrees which require similar courses. Persons who have gained equivalent learning through life and workplace experience may wish to apply for credit through the College's experiential learning portfolio process called PLACE.

    Northern Virginia Community College offers the following career programs:

Arts & Design
Communication Design, A.A.S.
Electronic Graphic Design Specialization
Illustration Specialization
Multimedia Design, C.
Fine Arts, A.A.A.
Photography Specialization
Interior Design, A.A.S.
Music, A.A.A.
Jazz/Popular Music Specialization
Music Recording Technology, C.
Photography, A.A.S.
Studio Photography Specialization

Business Technology
Accounting, A.A.S., C.S.C.
Acquisition and Procurement, A.A.S., C.
Administrative Support Technology, A.A.S.
Administrative Support Professional Specialization
Office Administration and Management Specialization
Customer Service, C., C.S.C.
Desktop Publishing, C.S.C.
Executive Secretary, C.S.C.
Information Processing, C., C.S.C.
Word Processing, C.S.C.
Bookkeeping, C.
Business Information Technology, C.S.C.
Business Management, A.A.S.
Finance Specialization
International Business Specialization, C.S.C.
Public Management Specialization
Small Business Management, C.
Business Management Principles, C.S.C.
Hospitality Management, A.A.S.
Dietetic Technology Specialization
Food Service Management Specialization, C.
Hotel Management Specialization, C.
Culinary Arts, C.
Information Systems Technology, A.A.S., C.S.C.
Application Development Specialization
Networking Specialization
Microcomputer Specialization
Microcomputer Usage, C.S.C.
Marketing, A.A.S.
Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations, C.S.C.
Marketing, C.S.C.
Retail Management, C.S.C.
Professional Writing for Business, Government, and Industry, C.
Real Estate Brokerage, C., C.S.C.
Real Estate Appraisal, C.S.C.
Travel and Tourism, A.A.S., C.
Convention and Exposition Management, C.

Engineering & Industrial Technology
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, A.A.S., C., C.S.C.
Architectural Technology, A.A.S.
Architectural Drafting, C.
Automotive Technology, A.A.S.
Diagnostician Specialization
Automotive Driveability, C.
Automotive Electrical Technician, C.
Automotive Machinist, C.S.C.
Aviation Technology, A.A.S.
Career Pilot Specialization
Construction Management Technology, A.A.S.
Carpentry Framing, C.S.C.
Electronics Technology, A.A.S.
Biomedical Electronics Specialization
Electronics Technician, C.
Microcomputer Repair, C.S.C.
Engineering Technology, A.A.S.
Civil Engineering Technology Specialization
Drafting Specialization
Mechanical Engineering Technology Specialization
Civil Engineering Technician, C.
Engineering Drafting, C.
Stone Carving and Restoration, C.S.C.
Welding, C.
Advanced Techniques, C.S.C.
Basic Techniques, C.S.C.

Health Sciences
Dental Hygiene, A.A.S.
Emergency Medical Services Technology, A.A.S.
Emergency Medical Services Administration Specialization
Emergency Medical Services Field Management Specialization
Basic Emergency Medical Technician, C.S.C.
Cardiac Care Technician, C.S.C.
Rescue Squad Management, C.S.C.
Health Information Technology, A.A.S.
Clinical Coding Specialist, C.S.C.
Medical Office Assisting: Office Management, C.S.C.
Medical Transcription, C.S.C.
Medical Laboratory Technology, A.A.S.
Nursing, A.A.S.
Patient Care Technician, C.
Pharmacy Technician, C.S.C.
Phlebotomy, C.S.C.
Physical Therapist Assistant, A.A.S.
Radiography, A.A.S.
Breast Diagnostic Imaging, C.S.C.
Computed Tomography, C.S.C.
Limited Radiography, C.S.C.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, C.S.C.
Respiratory Therapy, A.A.S.
Surgical Technology, C.
Veterinary Technology, A.A.S.

Public Services Technology
Administration of Justice, A.A.S., C.
Industrial and Commercial Security, C.S.C.
Physical Security, C.S.C.
Early Childhood Development, A.A.S.
Early Childhood Development Assistant, C.
Fire Science Administration, A.A.S., C.
Fire Protection Technology Specialization, C.
Fire Science Investigation Specialization, C.
Fitness, C.S.C.
Gerontology, A.A.S.
Care of the Aging, C.S.C.
Historic Preservation, C.S.C.
Horticulture Technology, A.A.S.
Turf and Grounds Management, C.S.C.
Human Services Associate, A.A.S.
Legal Assisting, A.A.S.
Recreation and Parks, A.A.S.
Camp Counseling & Management C.S.C.
Substance Abuse Rehabilitation, A.A.S.
Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Counselor, C.



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