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Career Studies Certificate AL, AN, WO  

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Purpose: This program prepares students to communicate proficiently in American Sign Language, including both expressive and receptive skills. Some students will transfer course credits to four-year institutions. Other students will be able to enhance their skills and employability in careers such as teaching, in the health or social service occupations, or in public safety positions.

Admission Requirements: Successful completion of SCM 100, Introduction to American Sign Language, or consent of instructor based on demonstrably equivalent skill level.

One Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   SCM110Intermediate ASL3
   SCM125Psychosocial Aspects of Deafness3
   SCM230Intro. to Interpreting3
   SPD110Intro. to Speech Communication or
   ENG111 College Composition I3
   SCM115Expressive & Receptive Fingerspelling 2
   SCM145Sign Communication Interpreter’s 
   Practicum 4
   SCM200Advanced ASL 3
   SCM298Special Topics: ASL Linguistics 3

Total Credits/Semester1212

Total credits for the American Sign Language (ASL) Career Studies Certificate = 24.

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