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Developmental Studies

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    If you are coming to the College without some high school courses or prerequisites needed for admission to a curriculum or if you wish to upgrade your skills, the developmental studies program may be the place for you to begin your course of study at NVCC.
    Once you are accepted by the College (see "Administrative Information" section), you may take developmental courses until you are ready to go into the program of your choice. Developmental courses are offered at all campuses of the College. These courses (numbered 001 through 009) are available in English composition, spelling, English as a Second Language, reading, and mathematics (arithmetic through trigonometry).
    Counselors will help you determine the areas in which your skills and knowledge are below college entry level. In some cases you must complete your developmental courses before enrolling in certain courses or being admitted to a curriculum. In other cases, you can take college level courses along with developmental courses. The approval of a counselor or faculty advisor in the curriculum will be required.
    Developmental courses carry credits, but the credits do not apply toward graduation and are not counted in your grade point average.
    A wide variety of instructional methods and materials are used at the College for developmental courses. In some courses there is a choice of either the classroom type of lecture/discussion or individualized (programmed) instruction in which you can work at your own rate of learning. Some developmental courses are offered through the Extended Learning Institute. If you have any questions, please check with a counselor or faculty advisor.

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