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Career Studies Certificate MA

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Purpose: This curriculum is designed for persons wishing to obtain fundamental skills for immediate entry-level positions in the welding trade as welding apprentices or welding laboratory assistants. Its structure allows students to pursue these courses on a part-time basis. All courses will apply to the Welding certificate program.

First Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   WEL116Welding I (Oxyacetylene)2
   WEL121Arc Welding2
   WEL122Welding II (Electric Arc) 3

Total Credits/Semester73

Second Year1st Semester

   WEL130Inert Gas Welding3
   WEL160Semi-Automatic Welding Processes3

Total Credits/Semester6

Total credits for the Welding: Basic Techniques Career Studies Certificate = 16.

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