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Certificate MA

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Purpose: This curriculum is designed to prepare students for industrial employment as welders, quality control inspectors, welding equipment salesmen and welding laboratory assistants, as well as leading to careers as welding instructors and structural steel insp ectors.

First Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   ENG100Basic Occ. Communication3
   MTH103Applied Tech. Math I3
   WEL116Welding I (Oxyacetylene)2
   WEL121Arc Welding2
   WEL150Welding Drawing/Interpretation2
   BUS116Entrepreneurship 3
   MTH104Applied Tech. Math. II 3
   PSY120Human Relations 3
   WEL122Welding II (Elec. Arc) 3
   WEL141Weld. Qual. Tests I 3

Total Credits/Semester1315

Second Year1st Semester

   WEL126Pipe Welding I3
   WEL130Inert Gas Welding3
   WEL160Semi-Auto. Weld. Proc.3

Total Credits/Semester9

Total credits for the Welding Certificate = 37.

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