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Career Studies Certificate AN

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Purpose: This curriculum is designed to prepare personnel to perform skilled duties and to assist the pharmacist-in-charge. Some examples of these duties include reading and interpreting written prescriptions and physicians' orders, computer information input, preparation of prescription labels, selection of correct drug from pharmacy shelf, and filling prescriptions and affixing labels for checking by the pharmacist. Other duties include ordering pharmaceuticals and supplies, customer assistance, cash register operation, answering telephones, and use of other routine equipment such as computer-assisted medication dispensing machines, computer-assisted intravenous (IV) preparations and electronic tablet/capsule counting machines in the retail, institutional or hospital pharmacy. Skills necessary to perform pharmacy technician duties include understanding why certain policies, such as those based on state and federal pharmacy and drug laws, must be followed. The curriculum includes learning experiences in class and in the laboratory, as well as in clinical, retail, institutional, and hospital pharmacies.

Admission Requirements:

1. Interview with a faculty member in the Health Technologies Division.

2. Completion of at least one unit or course in high school science with laboratory and at least a "C" average. Applicants who have not completed one unit or course in high school science and laboratory must enroll for a one-semester course in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy/Physiology, or a comparable course recommended by the applicant's supervisor.

3. Students must also have satisfactory scores on appropriate English proficiency examinations and four units of high school English or the equivalent.

4. Persons with at least one year full-time experience in pharmacy dispensing/assisting may apply to the program head to waive the clinical experience in that applicant's field of employment.

1st Semester2nd Semester

   HLT250General Pharmacology3
   HLT141Intro. to Medical Terminology or
   HIT 113 Medical Terminology and
   Disease Processes I2-3
   HLT190Pharmacy Technician Laboratory and
   Clinical Practice I5
   HLT261Basic Pharmacy I3
   MTH126Mathematics for Allied Health2
   HLT262Basic Pharmacy II 3
   HLT290Pharmacy Technician Laboratory and 
   Clinical Practice II 5
   PSY125Interpersonal Relationships or 
   PSY 126 Psychology for Business and 
   Industry or BUS 201 Organizational Behavior 3
   SPD126Interpersonal Communication 3

Total Credits/Semester15-1614

Total credits for the Pharmacy Technician Career Studies Certificate = 29.

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