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Career Studies Certificate AN

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Purpose: The career studies certificate in Limited Radiography is designed as an entry-level program to prepare individuals to perform limited examinations in radiology. Limited radiographers may be employed in physician’s offices, clinics, and health maintenance organizations. This certificate includes training in chest, extremity, and vertebral imaging. The curriculum includes learning experiences in the classroom and on-campus laboratories.

Admissions: Students are required to obtain satisfactory scores on the English 111 and Math 120 placement examinations.

Program Requirements: All students must have a current CPR-C certification. Students must maintain a C average in all courses. A career certificate will not be awarded until a grade of C or better is obtained in all didactic and clinical components.

   Fall Semester  

   NAS150Human Biology4
   NUR105Nursing Skills2
   RAD110Imaging Equipment and Protection3
1RAD 122 Chest and Abdominal Imaging and/or RAD 123 Upper/Lower Extremity Imaging and/or RAD 124 Vertical Imaging 2-6 RAD 298 Case Studies in Limited Radiography 1 __ __

Total Credits/Semester12

Total credits for the Limited Radiography Career Studies Certificate = 14-19.

1 Students may register for one or more of these courses during the spring semester. Students are eligible for their career certification after completion of one component.

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