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Career Studies Certificate AL, AN, LO, MA, WO

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Purpose: This curriculum is designed to train students to become knowledgeable fitness instructors in health clubs, recreation departments, and fitness facilities in business and industry.

Recommended Preparation: Students are expected to attain high levels of fitness during this program and, consequently, should be in good health to participate in vigorous workouts.

1st Semester2nd Semester

   HLT105Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation1
   PED116Lifetime Fitness & Wellness1
   PED103Aerobic Fitness I1
   PED111Weight Training I1
   PED105Aerobic Dance I 1
   PED107Slimnastics I 1
   PED190Internship 1-2
   SPD110Intro. to Speech Communication 3

Total Credits/Semester46-7

Total credits for the Fitness Career Studies Certificate = 10-11.

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