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Transfer Module

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    The Virginia State Policy on Transfer lists general education courses that transfer to the majority of public four-year degree granting institutions in Virginia. These courses are referred to as the "transfer module." Many other NVCC courses also transfer to these institutions. Some Virginia colleges and universities will grant special status to students who have completed 35 hours from the Transfer Module. If you plan to transfer prior

    to completing an A.A. or an A.S. degree you should consider completing courses from the following list. Also, students completing an A.A.A. or A.A.S. degree may benefit from selecting courses from the Transfer Module if their long-term goal is to complete a four-year degree program.

ENGLISH (6 credit hours)
    ENG 111-112 College Composition

HUMANITIES (6 credit hours)
    ART 101, 102 History and Appreciation of Art
    MUS 121,122 Music Appreciation
    ENG 241, 242 Survey of American Literature
    ENG 243, 244 Survey of English Literature
    ENG 251, 252 Survey of World Literature
    HUM 201, 202 Survey of Western Culture
    PHI 101, 102 Introduction to Philosophy
    PHI 211, 212 History of Western Philosophy

SOCIAL SCIENCE (6 credit hours)
    ECO 201, 202 Principle of Economics
    GEO 221, 222 Regions of the World
    PLS 211, 212 U.S. Government
    PLS 241, 424 International Relations
    PSY 201, 202 Introduction to Psychology
    PSY 231, 232 Life Span Human Development
    SOC 201, 202 Introduction to Sociology
    SOC 211, 212 Principles of Anthropology

SCIENCE (8 credit hours including lab,
    some institutions require a two-semester sequence
    BIO 101-102 General Biology
    BIO 231-232 Human Anatomy and Physiology
    CHM 101-102 General Chemistry
    CHM 111-112 College Chemistry
    PHY 101-102 Introduction to Physics
    PHY 201-202 General College Physics
    GOL 105-106 Physical and Historical Geology
    NAS 130 Elements of Astronomy

HISTORY (6 credit hours, some institutions
    require a two-semester sequence
    HIS 101-102 History of Western Civilization
    HIS 111-112 History of World Civilization
    HIS 121-122 U.S. History

MATHEMATICS (3 credit hours)
    MTH 151 Math for the Liberal Arts I
    MTH 163 Precalculus I
    MTH 166 Precalculus with Trigonometry (5cr)
    MTH 173 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (5cr)
    MTH 181 Finite Math I
    MTH 241 Statistics I
    MTH 270 Applied Calculus
    MTH 271 Applied Calculus I
    Total credit hours = 35

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