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Satisfactory Progress

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To be eligible for financial aid, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress for all periods of enrollment. If you are a degree-seeking student, you may be eligible for financial aid for no more than the equivalent of six full-time semesters of enrollment. If you are a certificate-seeking student, you may be eligible for financial aid for no more than the equivalent of three full-time semesters of enrollment. If you are required to take devel- opmental studies, you are limited to receiving financial aid for 30 credits of developmental studies and 30 credits of ESL courses.

You must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress by completing the minimum number of required credits and achieving the minimum required GPA as measured by the Credit Completion Schedule. Completed credits are those for which a grade of A, B, C, D, P, R, or S was earned. You may receive finan- cial aid for up to seven (7) credits of pass/fail coursework. The schedule is prorated if you are a part-time student. An evaluation of satisfactory academic progress will be done at the end of each summer session for degree-seeking students and at the end of each fall semester and summer session for students enrolled in certificate programs.

                             CREDIT COMPLETION SCHEDULE

          Total Full-Time         Required Credits         Required Cumulative
         Semester Equivalent         Completed                      GPA
                 1                        12                        ____(*)
                 2                        24                        1.75
                 3                        36                        1.75
                 4                        48                        2.00
                 5                        60                        2.00
                 6                        72                        2.00
(*) 13-23 credits requires a 1.50 GPA

If your academic standing is "Suspension", you will be immediately ineligible for aid until you have achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 1.50, and made up any other deficiencies under this policy.

You may apply to the Financial Aid Office for probationary eligibility when unusual and mitigating circumstances have prevented you from meeting the terms of this policy. You may appeal your status under this policy through the NVCC Student Grievance Procedures.

If you withdraw from or fail to attend classes, you are subject to repaying financial aid. Additional information is available in your Financial Aid Office.

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