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Honors Core Curriculum

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Honors courses are designed to enable qualified, motivated students to enrich their study through more challenging honors course work. Honors courses differ from regular sections in the goals of the courses and the framing of assignments around your evolving interests. You will be encouraged to think independently and critically, to participate actively in discussions and to learn in collaboration with your fellow students. Honors courses stimulate broader and deeper consideration of the subject matter and encourage the exploration of the interrelationships of ideas across disciplines.

The approach to honors courses varies from campus to campus. Some campuses offer specified combinations of honors courses, i.e., two or more course sequences scheduled and designed in coordination with one another for the purpose of interdisciplinary study. Other campuses offer independent sections for honors students or "honors options," in which honors students take part in a regular course section while also completing a special honors component of the course. Honors contract courses, in which the student and instructor agree to a particular independent study, are also offered. Honors faculty advisors are available at each campus to aid you with course selection.

Each honors course is designated as such on your grade reports and transcripts. Universities and employers favor students who seek the greater challenge offered through honors courses.

Honors Core Curriculum
The Honors Core curriculum seeks to provide a comprehensive educational experience for the honors students and allows them to interact as a community of learners. Students may satisfy the requirements of both the Honors Core and any degree program by enrolling in the honors sections of courses or electives within their degree program requirements. If you complete at least 24 hours of specified honors courses, the completion of the Honors Core Curriculum will be designated on your transcript and on your diploma. This represents a significant enhancement of your academic credentials.

First Year                        1st Sem.   2nd Sem.
Honors ENG 111-112 (1)               3          3
Honors humanities,
  social studies, or
  math/science                       3-4        3-4
Honors Orientation
  (STD 100)
  (strongly recommended)             1

Second Year                       1st Sem.   2nd Sem.
Honors elective                      3
Honors Seminar (2)                              3
Honors 200-level humanities,
  social science, or
  math/science                       3-4        3-4

(1) If you take a regular section of ENG 111 the first semester, and then decide to pursue the Honors Core, you may substitute any other honors course in English.

(2) To take the Honors Seminar, you should have completed a minimum of 6 semester hours in honors English and 6 semester hours of the humanities, social science, math/science unit.

Honors Enrollment Requirements
To be considered for the Honors Core curriculum or an honors course, you must meet at least one of the following requirements: (1) score in the top 10% on the English Placement Test; (2) maintain a GPA of 3.5 at NVCC; (3) earn a SAT score of 1100; (4) place in the top 10% of your graduating class; or (5) present life experience, special aptitude or interest that indicates potential for success in honors courses.

Due to their content, certain honors courses may have special additional prerequisites; for this information, see the Honors Committee Chair, the faculty member teaching the course, or the Honors counselor at the campus offering the course. To remain eligible for honors courses, students must maintain an acceptable level of academic achievement.

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