NVCC 1996-1997 Catalog

Faculty and Staff Listing (M to P)

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Macri, JoAnn;
Associate Professor; B.A., Nasson College; M.A., M.A.T., State University of New York, Binghampton; English (WO)

Mahmoud, Amal A.;
Professor; B.A., Faculty of Education, Cairo; M.A., American University, Cairo; M.S., Ph.D., Georgetown University; Assistant Division Chair, ESL; English as a Second Language (AN)

Mahood, Stephen H.;
B.A., Randolph Macon College; M.B.A., American Graduate School of International Management; Director, Fiscal and Auxiliary Services (CS)

Majewski, Walerian;
Professor; M.S., University of Warsaw; Ph.D., Polish Academy of Sciences; Physics (AN)

Maney, Tucker H.;
Associate Professor; B.S., University of Richmond; M.S., University of Delaware; M.S., D.A., George Mason University; Computer Science (AN)

Manigault, Sandra L.;
Instructor; B.S., Long Island University; M.A., Penn State University; Mathematics (AN)

Marette, Michel G.;
Professor; Candidat Psych., Free University of Brussels, Belgium; M.Ed., University of Georgia; M.B.A., V.P.I. & S.U.; Program Head, Business (LO)

Martin, Robert E.;
Associate Professor; A.A.S., Northern Virginia Community College; B.S., Capitol Institute of Technology; M.S., George Mason University; Electronics (AN)

Marx, Barbara S.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Bryn Mawr College; M.A., University of Minnesota; English (AL)

Massie, Byron B., II;
Associate Professor; A.S., Central Virginia Community College; B.S., M.S., V.P.I. & S.U.; Biology (AN)

Mather, Leonard J.;
Professor; B.A., Wilkes College; M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University; Ph.D., Catholic University; Psychology (AL)

Mattamal, Martha M.;
Professor; B.A., M.S., University of Madras; M.A., Georgetown University; Ph.D., Catholic University; Mathematics (AN)

May, Dennis E.;
Assistant Professor; A.B., Duke University; M.A., West Chester State College; Developmental English (AL)

McCann, Patrick J.;
Instructor; B.S., Temple University; Aviation Technology (MA)

McClellan, Jim R.;
Professor; B.A., M.A., University of Texas; M.Ph., George Washington University; Ph.D., Union Graduate School, Institute for Policy Studies; History (AL)

McCullough, Laura P.;
Assistant Professor; B.B.A., George Washington University; M.S., George Washington University; Program Head, Accounting, Information Systems Technology, and Business Administration (AN)

McDaniel, William H., Jr.;
Associate Professor; B.S., M.B.A., Mississippi State University; Program Head, Information Systems Technology (AL)

McElfresh, John R.;
Associate Professor; A.B., Davidson College; M.A., Princeton University; Spanish (AL)

McElroy, Patricia J.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Morris Brown College; M.A., Atlanta University; Sociology (WO)

McGinnis, Wyatt, Jr.;
Instructor; B.A., Lakeland College; M.P.A., American University; Counselor, (AN)

McIlvaine, Francis J.;
Associate Professor; B.S., University of Maryland; M.B.A., Michigan State University; Accounting (MA)

McKeithen, M. Beatrice;
Instructor; B.A., University of North Carolina; M.Ed., Western Carolina University; Counselor, Health Careers Opportunity Program (AN)

McKeown, Joan;
Assistant Professor; R.D.H., B.S., University of Washington; M.S., V.P.I. & S.U.; Dental Hygiene (AN)

McLoone, George;
Professor; A.B., Georgetown University; M.A., University of Virginia; Ph.D., George Washington University; English (AN)

McMillan, Michael G.;
Associate Professor; B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.B.A., Stanford University; Business Management (AN)

McMillion, Jennifer L.;
Instructor; B.S., Middle Tennessee State University; M.A., College of William and Mary; English (AL)

McNamara, Nancy;
Professor; B.A., Mt. St. Agnes; M.A., Ed.D., George Washington University; Director, Continuing Education & Workforce Development (AL)

McReynolds, Arnold R.;
Associate Professor; B.S., M.S., Howard University; D.A., George Mason University; Psychology (MA)

McTaggart, Nancy L.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., Goucher College; M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; J.D., U.C.L.A.; English (WO)

McVeigh, Paul J.;
Professor; B.A., American University; M.A., University of Virginia; Ph.D., Trinity College, University of Dublin; Division Chair, Humanities (AL)

Meacham, T. Cassandra;
Associate Professor; B.A., Hampton University; M.Ed., M.A.T., University of South Carolina; Speech and Drama (AN)

Mercer, Roger W., II;
Instructor; Building Construction (MA)

Michaels, David B.;
Professor; F.G.A.; Cert., Hague Academy of International Law; B.A., New York University; L.L.B., Blackstone School of Law; M.B.A., Ph.D., University of Maryland; Business Management (AN)

Michel, Moses;
Professor; B.A., City College of New York; M.B.A., University of Detroit; M.A., University of Oklahoma; Accounting (LO)

Michener, Randolph E.;
Assistant Professor; B.F.A., Philadelphia College of Art; M.F.A., George Washington University; Program Head, Fine Arts; Art (MA)

Mickey, Diane D.;
Associate Professor; B.S., Strayer College; M.S., V.P.I. & S.U.; Administrative Support Technology (WO)

Miller, Ervinia H.;
Associate Professor; B.S., Norfolk Division, Virginia State College; M.Ed., Boston University; Counselor (WO)

Miller, Eula M.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Bennett College; M.A., George Washington University; Program Head, Early Childhood Education (AL)

Miller, James E.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., West Virginia State College; M.S., West Virginia University; Counselor (MA)

Miller, Sara;
Professor; B.A., Maryville College; M.A., Mississippi College; Ph.D., University of Mississippi; English (WO)

Miller-Pecora, Judith;
Associate Professor; A.A., Lorain Comm. College; B.F.A., Syracuse University; M.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University; Art (AN)

Missett, Regina B.;
Associate Professor; B.S.N., Georgetown University; M.S.N., Catholic University of America; Clinical Coordinator, Nursing (AN)

Mitchell, Perry J.;
Associate Professor; B.A., M.A., University of Conn.; Political Science (AL)

Monohan, James;
Assistant Professor; B.S., Morris Harvey College; M.S., Marshall University; Biology (MA)

Montero, Joseph G.;
Professor; B.A., Granada, Spain; M.A., Catholic University of America; M.S., Georgetown University; Ph.D., Catholic University of America; Foreign Languages (AN)

Mottsman, Deborah E.;
Instructor; B.S., The Pennsylvania State University; M.P.A., University of Pittsburgh; Coordinator, Grants Development (CS)

Mowbray, Carol A.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., M.Ed., George Mason University; Coordinator, Student Benefits and Support Services (CS)

Murphy, Marsha H.;
Associate Professor; B.A., M.A., University of Arkansas; C.P.A.; Accounting (AN)

Murray, Edith B.;
Professor; B.A., University of Tenn.; M.A., M.F.A., Pennsylvania State University; M.A., Case Western Reserve University; Arts & Design & Interior Design (LO)

Mustachio, James A.;
Professor; B.S., Fairmont State College; M.A., West Virginia University; Ed.D., George Washington University; Director, Continuing Education & Workforce Development (WO)

Myers, Edward P.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University; M.B.A., University of Michigan; Information Systems Technology (AL)

Naclerio, June A.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Hunter College; M.A., Eastern Michigan University; Mathematics (WO)

Napisa, Rodolfo R.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., PATS School of Aeronautics; Mechanical Engineering (AN)

Narayan, Ravi C.;
Associate Professor; B.Comm., University of Madras; M.B.A., University of Baltimore; C.P.A.; Accounting (AN)

Narney, Pamela A.;
Associate Professor; B.A., University of Illinois; M.A., University of Rhode Island; Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; English (WO)

Neal, Douglas A.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., Carson Newman College; M.A., Georgetown University; Political Science (AN)

Nee, Virginia R.;
Associate Professor; A.B., College of St. Elizabeth; M.A., California State University; M.A., George Mason University; Reading (LO)

Newsome, Eloise C.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., M.Ed., Virginia State University; Administrative Support Technology (WO)

Nguyen, Tri Huu;
Professor; B.A., Miami University; M.S., Ph.D., Georgetown University; Linguistics/English as a Second Language (AL)

Nicastri, Ralph;
Associate Professor; B.A., Ed.M., S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo; English as a Second Language (AN)

Noell, Laura K.;
Professor; B.A., University of Wisconsin; M.A., Ph.D., Washington University; English (AN)

Noor, Ahmad;
Associate Professor; B.S., M.S., Alabama A & M University; Information Systems Technology (AL)

Norris, Lois E.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., Marymount College; M.A.T., University of Florida; Mathematics (AN)

Nutting, Noreen;
Assistant Professor; B.S., Niagara University; Nursing (AN)

Oandasan, Carol;
Instructor; B.B.A., Woodbury College; M.A.Ed., V.P.I. & S.U.; Counselor (MA)

O'Brien, Walter M.;
Associate Professor; B.S., St. Vincent College; M.S., University of Notre Dame; Chemistry (AN)

O'Connor, James A.;
Professor; B.A., M.A., St. John's University; Ph.D., Catholic University; Program Head, Administration of Justice (WO)

Olsen, Fred H.;
Professor; A.B., University of Puget Sound; M.A., Ph.D., Wash. University; History (AL)

Olson, Katherine A.;
Professor; B.S., George Peabody College for Teachers; M.S., Florida State University; Marketing (AN)

Olson, Martin C.;
Instructor; B.S., East Carolina University; Information Systems Technology (WO)

Ottavio, Patricia S.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., University of Connecticut; M.P.H., San Diego State University; Physical Therapy (AN)

Owings, Stephanie J.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., University of Southern California; M.A., University of California, Los Angeles; Economics (LO)

Paiva, Judith L.;
Associate Professor; B.A., University of Missouri (St. Louis); M.A., Indiana University; M.A., George Mason University; Developmental Studies & English as a Second Language (AL)

Palguta, Michael F.;
Associate Professor; B.S., St. Francis College; M.B.A., George Washington University; Business Management (AL)

Palumbo, Leonard L.;
Professor; B.B.A., Manhattan College; M.B.A., American University; Business Management (AN)

Panaro, Yvonne C.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., San Francisco State University; M.S., Georgetown University; Spanish/Italian; Assistant Division Chair, Foreign Languages and Philosophy (AL)

Pankow, William P.;
Assistant Professor; B.B.A., St. John's University; M.B.A., Long Island University; Accounting (WO)

Pape, Lynn D.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., St. Lawrence University; M.S., George Washington University; Business Management (AL)

Parker, David L.;
Professor; B.S., Purdue University; M.S.S.T., American University; Ph.D., Catholic University of America; Biology (AL)

Partlow, Jack W.;
Associate Professor; B.A., The Citadel; M.S., Rollins College; Ed.S., Ed.D., University of Florida; Division Chair, Business (AN)

Peck, Nan Jean;
Instructor; A.A., Waubonsee Community College; B.S., M.S., Illinois State University; Speech and Drama (AN)

Pellerin, Richard O.;
Associate Professor; A.B., St. Anseim's College; M.A., Catholic University; Mathematics (AN)

Perantoni, Esther S.;
Instructor; B.A., University of Maine; M.S.Ed., V.P.I. & S.U.; Community Education Program Developer (LO)

Pereira-Ford, Clara V.;
Instructor; A.A., Northern Virginia Community College; B.A., M.A., George Mason University; Economics (AL)

Perkins, Susan;
Associate Professor; B.S., University of North Carolina; M.A., Arizona State University; Assistant Division Chair, Mathematics (AL)

Pernick, Susan;
Professor; B.S., Boston College; M.S., University of Maryland; D.N.Sc., Catholic University; Nursing (AN)

Peterman, Richard L.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., Drew University; M.A., University of Maryland; Economics (AL)

Petrella, Robert;
Professor; B.M., Michigan State University; M.M., D.M.A., University of Maryland; Music (AL)

Philipp, Ernest F.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., Colorado State University; Information Systems Technology (WO)

Phillips, Charlene T.;
Associate Professor; A.S., B.S., Bluefield State College; Program Head, Computer Science, Information Systems Technology, Administrative Support Technology (MA)

Phillips, Jacob M.;
Instructor; A.S., B.S., Bluefield State College; A.A.S., Wytheville Community College; Information Systems Technology (AL)

Phillips, John P.;
Instructor; B.S., B.A., University of Denver; Business (MA)

Piscitelli, Emil;
Professor; B.A., St. Charles Seminary; S.T.B., Gregorian University in Rome; Th.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., Georgetown University; Philosophy and Religion (AN)

Pizzurro, Vincent J.;
B.S., Wayne State University; M.B.A., The American University; Director, Computing & Information Services (CS)

Platt, Michael;
Associate Professor; B.F.A., Columbus College of Art & Design; M.F.A., Howard University; Art (AL)

Poland, Charles, Jr.;
Professor; B.A., M.A., American University; Ph.D., Western Colorado University; History (AN)

Popeck, John H.;
Professor; B.S., Wisconsin State University; M.S., California State College, Los Angeles; Ed.D., University of Florida; Dean, Student Development (AL)

Porta, Giulio;
Associate Professor; A.A., Edison Jr. College; B.F.A., University of Florida; M.F.A., University of Maryland; Art (AN)

Poulakis, Victoria S.;
Professor; B.A., Hunter College; Ph.D., University of Minnesota; English (LO)

Powell, Debra P.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., M.S., Old Dominion University; Dental Hygiene (AN)

Primus, Virginia;
Instructor; B.A., St. Olaf College; M.A., University of Northern Colorado; Physical Education (AL)

Pumpuni, Charles B.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., University of Ghana; M.S., Ph.D., University of Notre Dame; Biology (AL)

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