NVCC 1996-1997 Catalog

Faculty and Staff Listing (Emeritus)

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To be eligible for the rank of professor emeritus, a retired member of the faculty (usually holding rank of associate professor or professor) has given a minimum of ten years of service in the Virginia Community College System and has made meritorious and significant contributions to the College.

Walter G. Allen
Anne J. Banks
John H. Bigelow
Frederick H. Billups
James F. Braun
Eltse B. Carter
Thomas E. Carter
Dorothy H. Cavagnaro
Edward A. Coleman
Willard A. Delano
Anthony J. DelPopolo, Sr.
Marjorie C. Dennin
Irving L. Denton
Tom Ellis
Frederick F. Flemming
Mary E. Flynn
Donald H. Frantz, Jr.
Alvin A. Fuchsman
Robert E. Furcolow
Lander C. Hamilton
Henry Hanson
Velma E. Harwood
William C. Hill
Wilfred B. Howsmon, Jr.
William E. Huber
Thomas M. Huddleston
Vivian M. Kallen
Eunice B. Kirkbride
Robert W. Koberg
George Kevorkian
Claudio Krieghoff
Elmer C. Laedtke
Thomas F. Laws
Helene T. Lesansky
Bernard Mandel
Richard C. McAdam
William B. McCampbell
Herbert E. McCartney
Charles A. Melton
George C. Moore
C. Mary B. NeSmith
Jean C. Netherton
Harry F. Painter
Nellie Pearson
Betty L. Peterson
Daniel J. Reynolds
John C. Sasscer
Lydia C. Schurman
John M. Schwalje
Cecil W. Shuler
Howard H. Simmons
Lois H. Smith
Robert L. Smith
Harry J. Stanley
Mary L. Stites
Fern C. Stukenbroeker
A. Kenneth Swanson
Gloria P. Terwilliger
Ruth G. Thomas
Louise R. Vezina
Evelyn A. Wade
Edwin L. Walker
Elizabeth F. Ware
Dee Wayne White

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