NVCC 1995-1996 Catalog

Annandale Campus

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The Annandale Campus is located at 8333 Little River Turnpike on a 76.4 acre site in central Fairfax County, one mile west of the Capital Beltway, Interstate Route 495, on Route 236. This campus has the College administration building, the campus administrative services building, a classroom building, science building, library building, tv/technical building, nursing building, temporary music buildings, temporary EMT buildings, three temporary faculty office buildings, and the community cultural center.

Campus Staff                            Room         Telephone
       Dr. Barbara Guthrie-Morse        CG202        323-3222

Dean of Student Development
       Dr. Carol A. Ross                CG218        323-3382

Chair, Division of Business
       Dr. Jack W. Partlow              CC223A       323-3157

Chair, Division of
       Communications and
       Humanities                       CT318        323-3189

Chair, Division of Health
       Dr. Charlene W. Connolly         CN214D       323-3426

Chair, Division of Mathematics,
       Science, and Engineering
       Dr. Susan F. Wagner              CT305        323-3109

Chair, Division of Social
       Sciences and Public Services
       Dr. Thomas E. Butler             CS203        323-3260

Adjunct Faculty/Extended Day Services
       Ethel Brent                      CG2O2        323-3169

Admissions and Records
       Lawrence M. Thomas               CG211C       323-3328

       Kenneth Keithley                 CG124        323-3185

Business Office
       Bob Roark                        CG202        323-3131

Co-Curricular Programs and Services
                                        CG205A       323-3147

Community Education
       Diane S. Harris
       Martha E. Kossoff                CE204        323-3168

Continuing Education & Workforce Development
       Dr. Kay K. Haverkamp             CG203        323-3159

Cooperative and Career Education
       Dr. Josef R. Horowitz            CF213B       323-3146

Counseling and Enrollment Services
       Karen A. Wray                    CG205        323-3011

Financial Aid
       James R. Brunner, Jr.            CG206        323-3427

Learning Resource Center
       Dr. Gen S. Chu                   CG302A       323-3216
       Learning Laboratory              CG407        323-3221
       Library                          CG300        323-3128

Old Dominion University TELETECHNET
       Sheri A. Dillon                  CT403        323-3769

Police and Public Safety
       Robert Delcore                   CI Bldg.     323-3111

Recruitment and Outreach
       Wyatt McGinnis, Jr.              CG216E       323-3205

Veterans Advisor
       Steve C. Smith                   CG213        323-3145

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